Distinguished Professor David Petering receives a $270,000 NIH Award

Distinguished Professor David Petering receives $270,000 for the 5th year of funding of his Science Education Partnership Award Program (SEPA) grant, Empowering Pre-service Teachers and Students With Environmental Health Research. The grant is funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 2020 represents the 25th year of funding for Dr. Petering’s precollege education program. Currently, he and Craig Berg, Director of the Milwaukee Collaborative Science and Mathematics Teacher Education Program of the School of Education at UWM are co-principal investigators. They are joined by Ms. Renee Hesselbach, program coordinator, and scientists Drs. Michael Carvan, Henry Tomasiewicz, and Daniel Weber from the School of Freshwater Sciences, and Dr. Michael Pickart of Concordia University. Together, they provide intensive support for teachers throughout the year. The project trains pre-service science teachers at UWM so that they will be able to implement authentic, intensive experiences in experimental science and science communication with middle and high school students. Pre-service teachers gain experience in classrooms of master teachers who regularly offer students opportunities to conduct research through the SEPA program. Yearly activities culminate in April with a Student Research Conference held at UWM. About 600 students attend and present posters and papers describing their research. Participation in the program during the first four years of this grant period includes 79 pre-service teachers, 31 in-service teachers and 29 schools in the city of Milwaukee, the metropolitan area, and the state, and more than 7,000 students.