Chancellor Mone’s Statement on Threats to Historically Black Colleges and Universities

February marks the beginning of Black History Month which is a time for remembering, honoring and respecting the contributions of past and current Black citizens. Yet in the past two weeks there have been over a dozen bomb threats to our country’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). I decry and am deeply disturbed and saddened by these threats of violence, both real and implicit. 

The ideals of higher education and access—critical to UWM—are what are under attack here. We should all be concerned. 

A threat to our nation’s HBCUs or any institution of higher learning is an attack on higher education as a whole. UW-Milwaukee stands with our fellow educators and students, and we offer our steadfast support. I encourage you to reach out to friends and colleagues at HBCUs and those here who are affected by this and extend your care and support.  

As the campus that serves the most diverse student body in Wisconsin, we are unwavering in our stand against hate. But that is not enough. We will use these contemptible acts of violence on the cusp of Black History Month to increase our own appreciation and awareness of HBCUs’ role in fostering Black excellence, and will continue in our own roles to foster diversity and equity in our community.