Connecting Workers with Jobs

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As we turn the corner on the pandemic, we are seeing the supply of jobs outpace the number of workers. The war in Ukraine is bringing global military operations into view in ways we haven’t seen in decades. Closer to home, winter weather continues to wreak havoc on our roads.

Today, I share news about how a new service led by UWM researchers is connecting workers with jobs, why UWM has been recognized as a top 10 military-friendly university, and why our waterways, after a winter’s worth of salting roads, show higher levels of chloride months later in the summer.

Best Regards,

Mark A. Mone, PhD

Business, government leaders laud launch of FlexRide project

A new service led by UWM researchers that connects workers with jobs is very much needed, local leaders say. Read more 

Award affirms UWM’s commitment to  veterans and military

Military Friendly designated UWM a Top 10 school for educating and fostering welcoming environments for students currently or formerly in the military. Read more 

Summertime salt

The Port of Milwaukee stores over a million tons of road salt at any point during the winter, and much of what is used on icy roads washes into waterways as the snow melts. So why do high concentrations of chloride, the main ingredient of road salt, show up in the summer? Read more 

UWM in the News

WTMJ-TV4: UWM economist talks about the impact of inflation on grocery prices.