Chancellor’s Update: Voluntary Separation Incentive Program

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Today we announce a Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (VSIP) to some faculty and staff. Our dedicated and talented employees are UWM’s most important assets, and we will be sorry to see valued people leave. The VSIP, however, is part of a multi-faceted approach to address the significant budget reductions we face due to enrollment declines, an eight-year in-state undergraduate tuition freeze, state budget cuts and reduced revenues caused by the pandemic.

The VSIP is not a benefit, but rather a tool to meet the following budget goals:

  • Reduce salary and benefit costs
  • Redirect open positions to focus on priorities, changing needs and/or strategic objectives
  • Achieve cost savings or efficiencies
  • Minimize potential involuntary termination
  • Preserve our teaching and research excellence

The departure of employees who are deemed eligible to participate will achieve one or more of these budget goals.

UWM will conduct an analysis to determine which departments, employee categories, and employees within each department are eligible to participate, but not every department, employee category, and employee within a department may be eligible. Employees will be approved to apply for participation in the VSIP only after it is determined that the employees’ participation will create a significant, ongoing savings.

The program may be available for those with the following appointment types who are eligible for a full or partial retirement annuity from the State, have not submitted notice of resignation/retirement, have not been non-renewed, and have not received an at-risk letter or formal layoff notice:

  • Faculty
  • Academic staff with indefinite, rolling horizon or fixed-term renewable appointments
  • Limited appointees
  • University staff who have passed probation

Eligible employees will be individually notified by November 3, 2020 after schools, colleges, and divisions identify which employees meet the criteria.

There are many details involved in this program. To review them, including eligibility, a timeline, and FAQs, please click here. The decision to utilize a VSIP was not easy, but our hope is that it allows UWM to address fiscal issues while maintaining high quality teaching and research.

Best regards,

Mark A. Mone
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee