Chancellor’s Update: Supporting Those Impacted by Natural Disasters

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Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

UW-Milwaukee is a campus that cares for its communities, both near and across the globe. Our hearts go out to the millions of individuals who have been impacted by a series of unprecedented natural disasters beginning with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria, one of the worst wildfire seasons on record in the Western US, and the back-to-back earthquakes in Mexico. 

Our students, faculty and staff and many of their friends and family members have been personally affected by these catastrophes. Many on our campus want to help. Here are resources for those who wish to contribute in some way: 

Vox article on Some Starting Points on How to Help

Charity Navigator

American Red Cross


Global Giving

International Community Foundation


Salvation Army


Grim events like these put priorities into sharp focus and often bring out the best in individuals and communities as they provide relief to others. UWM is committed to supporting our campus community in efforts to help those who have been affected by these natural disasters.

Best regards, 

Mark A. Mone
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee