Chancellor’s Update: Charges Filed Against Suspect Shot on Campus

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Dear UWM Faculty, Staff and Students,

The Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint today against the suspect who was shot on the Milwaukee campus last month. We know those charges will generate significant news coverage and we want you to be informed as those stories appear.

We previously shared that the shooting incident occurred the morning of March 19 in our Peck School of the Arts Fine Arts Complex. Two UWM Police Department officers responded to a report of a man sleeping in the complex while it was closed. As detailed in the criminal complaint, the man was discovered with a sheathed machete, a sheathed hatchet, a pack of zip ties, a paintball-style mask and a box of ammunition in his backpack. He refused to disclose whether he had a weapon on him or remove his hands from his pockets. He attempted to flee and an officer grabbed him. While the officer was trying to physically subdue him, he reached back into his pocket and grabbed a loaded firearm that was visible to the other officer, after which he was shot by the other officer. The loaded firearm was recovered from the scene. The man continued to fight the officers after being shot. The officer who attempted to physically subdue him suffered a concussion during the struggle.

Today, the suspect, Irie Payne, was charged with three felonies and one misdemeanor, including:

  • Second degree recklessly endangering safety
  • Resisting an officer causing substantial bodily harm to officer
  • Bail jumping (Felony)
  • Carrying a concealed weapon

Mr. Payne remains jailed with an active no-contact order which bars him from our campus and residence halls if he is released from jail.

Meanwhile, and following standard guidelines in an officer-involved shooting, a separate investigation continues through the Milwaukee Area Investigative Team, led by the Oak Creek Police Department. UWM provided both entities with body camera footage from this incident. I will keep you updated as that investigation concludes.

The shooting incident was an extraordinary situation and an anomaly at UWM. We are fortunate to have an environment where people’s safety is paramount.

Resources for students, faculty and staff are provided at the bottom of this message. 

As further details become known, we ask that you please respect the privacy of all the members of our staff who were directly involved with or exposed to the shooting incident. 

Best regards,

Mark A. Mone
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee