Chancellor’s Update: Chancellor’s Campus Organization & Effectiveness Team (CCOET)

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September 11, 2015

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

I am writing with an update on the Chancellor’s Campus Organization & Effectiveness Team (CCOET).  You’ve heard me talk about the concept and initial planning for this group at the July and August campus budget meetings and again, in more depth, at my Fall Plenary Address. After finalizing membership this week, it is time to share more details and next steps.

UWM is facing severe fiscal constraints due to unprecedented circumstances, including four consecutive biennial budget cuts and several factors that created a $30 million structural deficit over the last decade.  Consequently, there is an urgent need to devise strategies that will enable us to swiftly and effectively respond.  Based on feedback from many sources, including students, governance groups, deans, alumni, and the Budget Planning Task Force, CCOET is being formed to conduct a comprehensive review of our campus.  CCOET will develop recommendations for large-scale actions that will address our substantial fiscal challenges and strategic goals.  More details on CCOET’s purpose, structure, and charges are available here.

CCOET is sponsored by Provost Johannes Britz, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Affairs Robin Van Harpen, and me.  CCOET members are organized into two teams comprised of the following students, faculty, and staff:

Team (* denotes co-chair role)
Bob Beck
Rachel Buff
Tanya Choice-Henry
Hobart Davis
Nadya Fouad
Bob Greenstreet*
Mark Harris
Michael Laliberte
Sally Lundeen
Joan Prince
John Reisel*
Paul Roebber
Alan Shoho
Mike Sportiello
Rodney Swain
Jerry Tarrer
Brooke Thomas

Support Team
Pat Borger
Ewa Barczyk
Scott Emmons
Brian Hinshaw
Stephen Kennedy
Cindy Kluge
Cole Meller
Amanda Obermeyer
Ron Perez
Kanti Prasad
Paula Rhyner*
Kyle Swanson*

CCOET’s initial task is to develop a strategy to engage the campus, including students, faculty, staff, and governance groups, in the planning process.    Overall, the group will act with urgency, with their recommendations due in February of 2016.  I thank the members in advance for their time and commitment to what is sure to be a significant task.

The plan to comprehensively examine our campus for the optimal organization and effectiveness is our best strategy for positioning UWM for future success.  Once the details are announced on how the campus community can engage in the CCOET process, I ask for your involvement and feedback.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this endeavor and how much I welcome and value your input.

Best regards,

Mark A. Mone