Chancellor Mone’s Statement on Proclamation 10014 Suspending Non-Immigrant Visas

Learning and research at UWM are enriched by the presence of faculty and students from around the globe. Today we enroll students from 90 countries and host visiting professors, researchers and others from numerous international communities. We are a R1 top-tier research university and that achievement was made possible, in part, by the work of faculty and students from many different nations 

That is why I am so concerned with the administration’s recent issuance of a “Proclamation Suspending Entry of Aliens Who Present a Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak, which expands restrictions on visas for individuals who want to enter the United States to work. These visas are important to public universities. 

Banning entry for international scholars will negatively impact our faculty and student body, as will our research and scholarship. The proclamation is misdirected and will discourage brilliant international scholars from collaborating and working with us and others throughout the United States.  

We are in solidarity with the Association of Public & Land Grant Universities and Association of American Universities statement that supports international entry. 

Diversity at UWM makes us and our communities academically and economically stronger and more vibrant. As I have said before, we all belong here. UWM is and will continue to be a campus that welcomes and supports people of all countries of origin, races, religions, genders, sexual orientation and identities that add to the diversity and inclusion of our communities 

Wcontinue to fully welcome and support our international faculty, students and staffTo the greatest extent possible UWM will remain a network of campuses that are open to all.