Chancellor Mone’s Statement on Incidents in Kenosha

This week we have experienced yet another tragedy: Jacob Blake, a Black man, shot by police — in the back repeatedly in front of his children — this time in our backyard in Kenosha. The UWM community is grateful to hear that he survived. 

We must speak out and demand police reform and accountability. 

We must show support for our nation’s men, women and children of color. 

We must have this violence stop: Black and Brown lives matter and they always have. 

As individuals and members of the university community, we must engage in the education, civil discourse and actions needed to advance a more just Wisconsin. Violence upon violence is not the answer. 

We can all do better, and this begins at home: For actions underway and ways in which you can help make a difference at UWM, see my website for my video statement on racial and social justice, our UWM police chief’s statement on police reform and the actions underway on social and racial equity through our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) frameworkMore actions and the complete DEI framework will be posted shortly.