Advances in Health, Housing and Historical Politics

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Change is constant in our lives as are advances to address our shifting world and its impacts on health, housing and historical politics.

Today, I share news about how UWM researchers are studying the pandemic’s effects on adolescent brain development, a UW student team in the top 10 finalists of the Department of Energy’s competition to design a new energy efficient home, and how former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush shared some historical political lessons.

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Mark A. Mone, PhD

Brain study provides insight into how pandemic is affecting adolescents

Additional stress from the pandemic is evident in brain scans of adolescents. Read more 

Solar Decathlon Team Advances to Finals

UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison are teaming up to design a house for the U.S. Department of Energy’s annual Race to Zero Solar Decathlon and are among the 10 finalists in the new home construction category. Read more 

Students meet with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush

A visit from Jeb Bush gave UWM at Waukesha students a rare opportunity to absorb history and political lessons from a former governor who once ran for president. Read more