2030 Planning

In fall 2020, Chancellor Mone and Provost Britz charged the 2030+ Think Tank work group to examine how UWM can position itself for decades of continued success. They used a thoughtful process with input from faculty, students, staff, stakeholders, and outside resource experts to produce recommendations that will serve as a road map of proactive innovation.

The 2030+ Think Tank work group sent its final report of recommendations to campus leadership in summer 2020. Chancellor Mone and Provost Britz have thanked the 2030+ Think Tank work group for their comprehensive and thoughtful report and have accepted their recommendations.

In fall 2020, Chancellor Mone and Provost Britz charged a new group, 2030 Implementation Team, to develop specific action steps for each of the four prioritized recommendations

  1. Make a full-scale revision of the undergraduate student experience as well as developing forward-facing core competencies that will make a UWM education distinctive. This will also include optimizing the student experience of UWM services and leveraging technology to maximize flexibility for students’ preferred learning pathways.
  2. Make UWM a radically welcoming and engaging institution for all students, including automatic acceptance for all Milwaukee graduates. This includes reducing financial barriers for students in need, incentivizing high-achieving students to attend UWM, and changing the culture of UWM to embrace a diversity, equity and inclusivity mindset among faculty, staff, and administration.
  3. Conduct top tier research:
    1. Expand collaborative and interdisciplinary scholarship and graduate programs.
    2. Infuse entrepreneurship, design thinking, and data science into faculty research and graduate and undergraduate education.
    3. Strengthen sustaining partnerships with community, industry and other academic institutions.
    4. Optimize faculty workforce deployment
  4. Realign the administrative structure and program array that includes evaluation of the structure of Colleges and Schools.

2030 Implementation Team Information (Fall 2020)

2030 Implementation Team Meeting Materials (Fall 2020)

2030+ Think Tank Information, Phase One (Fall 2019 – Summer 2020)

2030+ Think Tank Meeting Materials, Phase One (Fall 2019 – Summer 2020)