Chancellor’s Update: Priority Referral Program

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Over the past several months UWM administrative leadership including the Provost, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administrative Affairs, Legal Counsel, and Human Resources have been working with the Academic Staff Committee and the University Staff Council to consider how the University may best assist staff non-renewed or laid off due to the budget crisis and allow the University to retain affected staff, if possible. I am writing to inform you of an outcome of that work, the creation of a new program, the Priority Referral Program (PRP).
The PRP is designed for Academic Staff, University Staff, or Limited Appointees (without concurrent appointments) with appointments of 50 percent or greater who are being non-renewed or laid off as a result of budget or program decision. The PRP will allow affected employees an opportunity to apply for non-faculty vacancies at UWM before the vacancies become available to the public. Affected employees will have an opportunity to apply for vacancies they are interested in and hiring units will have the opportunity to fill vacancies through an expedited, internal process. The PRP does not create an obligation for hiring units to hire affected employees. It creates an opportunity for hiring units to fill vacancies quickly, with employees who are assimilated to the UWM culture and practices. For more details on the PRP, please see
I am pleased the Academic Staff Committee, University Staff Council and University’s administration have been able to work together to create this program. The Priority Referral Program becomes effective Tuesday, Dec. 22. Questions may be referred to respective Personnel Representatives or the central Office of Human Resources at, and individuals who have been non-renewed or laid off for reasons of budget should contact the Office of Human Resources at the same e-mail address for instructions on participating in the program.

Best regards,

Mark A. Mone
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee