Clickers: Turning Technologies Student Response Systems


TurningPoint Cloud (TPC) is UW-Milwaukee’s Student Response System (SRS) — a cloud-based wireless response system that allows instructors to request information from students and for students to respond by using a small keypad called a “clicker” or any web-enabled mobile device (smartphone, tablet, netbook, etc.), using ResponseWare.  This Turning Technologies learning tool was formally compared against other top clicker products and evaluated by UWM instructors, technical staff, and learning technology consultants prior to its selection as the only SRS or “clickers” tool supported campus-wide by UW-Milwaukee.

TPC is a Turning Technologies product that offers a secure hybrid solution enabling both ReposonseWare and hardware clickers to be used in a blended environment ideal for supporting active learning.  Using TPC, instructors (faculty, teaching academic staff, and teaching assistants) can create dynamic, collaborative environments that gauge real-time understanding in their classrooms by seamlessly polling questions in PowerPoint, over any application, or through self-paced tests.  Instantaneous feedback and input displays keep learners engaged while supporting critical thinking and tracking student progress.

Design and technical support is offered for course instructors and department support staff by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.  Classroom hardware and software support is offered for instructors by UITS Classroom Services.  Student support of Turning Technologies clickers is provided by the UWM Help Desk.

Service Availability

TPC is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  UWM instructors using TPC and campus partners are notified of outages and known issues via email by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.


TPC software and Turning Accounts are offered at no cost to UWM instructors. Additional hardware required for design, technical, and classroom support are provided at no cost by the vendor.

UWM students must purchase Turning Licenses in order to use the clicker hardware or ResponseWare on their mobile devices.  Turning Technologies clicker devices and licenses are available (both bundled and independently) for purchase at the UWM virtual bookstore.


Who Can Use This Service?

  • All UWM faculty, teaching, academic staff and teaching assistants can use clickers in their classes. Clickers are especially effective in large classes. With clickers, all students get an opportunity to participate.
  • UWM faculty and administrative staff offering special courses, conducting workshops, or making conference presentations can use clickers in their different venues.
  • UWM staff engaged in research can use clickers for data collection.
  • All UWM students, attending courses using clickers, can use clickers or ResponseWare to interact with instructor questions and verify attendance.


What Can Clickers be Used For?

Clickers can be used to:

  • Increase participation
  • Conduct low stakes assessments
  • Conduct opinion polls
  • Improve attendance
  • Test understanding

Getting Started

Getting Started

Faculty, Teaching Academic Staff, Teaching Assistants

UWM instructors may access TPC by going to the Turning Account Login Website, creating a Turning Account and downloading the TPC software.  Refer to the CETL Knowledgebase for step-by-step instructions.

After account creation, instructors may access TPC from any computer with the TPC software and Microsoft PowerPoint previously downloaded or installed.

Instructors may refer to the CETL Knowledgebase Instructor Guide to TurningPoint Clickers for more information.


UWM Students who have never used TPC before, may access TPC by clicking on TurningPoint Cloud Integration link in the content area of a course requiring the use of TPC clickers.  This will open the Turning Account Login Website where students may create a Turning Account linked to their D2L user profile.  Students must register an active Turning License; and, if using a hardware clicker, they must also register their Device ID in their Turning Account in order for their clicker data to be integrated with the D2L gradebook.

UWM Students who have used TPC and registered their Turning Account through a course in D2L previously, do not need to register their account through the TurningPoint Cloud Integration link in future semesters.

Once a Turning Account has been registered through the D2L integration link and the Account is “class-ready,” all UWM students may access TPC by using their Turning Technologies hardware clicker or ResponseWare from any web-enabled device during class clicker sessions.

Refer to the CETL Knowledgebase Clickers Guide for Students for more information.

Access to TPC can be provided given special circumstances for non-faculty or students of UWM. If such circumstances arise, please contact CETL.



Support is provided by different offices on-campus.

  • Students may contact the UWM Help Desk for email or phone support. Refer to the UWM Help Desk website for hours of service and availability. Online training and other resources are provided via the UWM Knowledgebase.
  • Faculty, staff and administrators may contact the CETL Learning Technology Commons for instructor-oriented technical support, course design questions and consultations on implementing TPC clickers in their courses.  Instructors experiencing hardware or software issues with TPC in their classrooms may contact UITS Classroom Services for support.