Qualtrics Course Roster Export Tool


The Qualtrics Course Roster Export tool is a web application that allows administrators to export rosters of course sections. These exports can then be used in Qualtrics to distribute course evaluations anonymously to students.

Service Availability

The Qualtrics Course Roster Export tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.

The tool may be unavailable during web site maintenance scheduled by UITS. The UWM Self Service Technology Support Portal (gettechhelp.uwm.edu) will have more information on maintenance.


The Qualtrics Course Roster Export tool is provided to UWM administrators at no cost. The application is maintained by Web & Mobile Services, Division of University Relations as part of Qualtrics and campus support.


Who Can Use This Service?

  • UWM academic departments offering course evaluations online are welcome to use this tool as needed.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Administrators can login by visiting the application’s website (https://www4.uwm.edu/ltc/customcf/course_evals/). Login with your UWM ePantherID and password.

Gaining Access

To get access, a department chair, program lead, dean, or other supervisory administrator must request access by sending an email to ltc@uwm.edu. Include the following:

  • The name and UWM email of the individual needing access
  • The academic departments or subjects the individual needs access to. Note that access cannot be restricted to a single course.



Support is offered online through the CETL Knowledgebase. Administrators may contact CETL Learning Technology Commons for access or assistance.

The UWM Help Desk cannot provide support for this tool.

Visit the UWM Qualtrics website for information on where to go for general Qualtrics support.