D2L ePortfolios


The D2L ePortfolio tool is a UW System licensed application integrated with the Desire2Learn@UWM LMS. An ePortfolio is an organized collection of digital media files that represent one’s work or achievements for a given period of time — a course, a semester, or an academic career. Collection materials can be text-based writing samples, audio or video clips, photographs, presentations, and projects. An ePortfolio can be designed, then made accessible to a specific audience, to peers, professors, advisers, or potential employers. D2L ePortfolio owners can write, or record thoughtful reflections on the material as a matter of learning, by taking one’s experience more completely into account. Other people can also comment on a person’s work, providing multiple perspectives on the material.

Service Availability

D2L ePortfolios are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As part of integration with D2L, it is subject to the same maintenance and outage. Outages are posted on the D2L Login Website (http://d2l.uwm.edu).


D2L is offered at no cost to UWM users. D2L and associated learning technologies are paid for using Common Systems funding at the UW System level, and contributed to by all UW institutions.


Who Can Use This Service?

  • All UWM faculty, teaching, academic staff and teaching assistants offering courses during the academic year
  • UWM administrative staff offering special courses to faculty, staff, or students as part of academic or administrative duties
  • UWM students taking credit or non-credit courses as part of their academic career or development at UWM
  • Non-UWM affiliates working with UWM faculty and staff to carry out the missions of UW-Milwaukee

Getting Started

Getting Started

D2L ePortfolios are accessible from courses where the tool has been enabled by the instructor or department. Login to D2L by going to the D2L Login Website (http://d2l.uwm.edu).

Faculty, Teaching Academic Staff, Teaching Assistants

While the ePortfolio tool is technically usable in all courses, some training is recommended to understand how the tool integrates with a course. Instructors should contact the CETL Learning Technology Commons for more information.

It is important to note that courses in departments which regularly use ePortfolio may have their own criteria for using the tool. This may include special academic or procedural considerations. Instructors should talk to their department chair or program coordinator for proper usage of D2L ePortfolio, and for department-specific documentation and processes.


Students may access the ePortfolio tool once they are enrolled in a course which leverages the tool, and the instructor has provided access to the tool.

Affiliates and Guests of UW-Milwaukee

Access may be granted by the UWM office you are associated with. UWM offices should contact the CETL Learning Technology Commons for more information.



Support is provided by different offices on-campus.

  • Contact your course instructor first. They may be able to provide course or department-specific documentation. Student may also contact the UWM Help Desk for email or phone support. Refer to the UWM Help Desk website for hours and availability. Online training and other resources are provided via the UWM Knowledgebase and the Learning TECHniques website.
  • Faculty, staff and administrators may contact the CETL Learning Technology Commons for instructor-oriented technical support, course design questions and consultations on implementing courses in D2L.
    • Weekend technical support is provided by the UWM Help Desk.