See Me Teach

About See Me Teach

Have you ever wondered what other UWM instructors do in the classroom? Have you ever wanted to observe someone else’s teaching? Do you believe that openness is important for teaching and learning at UWM? If so, the “See Me Teach” series may be for you!

The “See Me Teach” series allows UWM faculty and teaching academic staff to attend another instructor’s class and observe their teaching. The purpose of this workshop series is to foster an open learning environment at UWM by providing a formal venue for visiting a class. You need only register and show up at the appointed day and time; no other preparation is needed! Observers may be introduced to the class but are not expected to participate. Follow-up with the instructor is encouraged but not necessary. So as not to be overly-intrusive, participation is limited to one registrant per class session.

Register to Observe a Course

You can register to observe a course that is part of the See Me Teach program by visiting the CETL Workshops Registration Site.

Volunteer to Be Observed

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is looking for instructors who are willing to allow a peer to observe one or more of their face-to-face classes as part of the See Me Teach series. As a participating instructor, you need only teach your class as you normally would, and CETL will handle registration and reminders! If you are interested in volunteering to have an observer attend your class, please complete the form below. Please contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning with any questions.