Online and Blended Teaching Certificate

The Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching is sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and the Office of the Provost to illustrate evidence of sound pedagogical course design and practice in online or blended teaching.

The certificate programs allows us to transform the culture of our campus to promote online and blended learning, to emphasize the importance of quality teaching and sound pedagogy, and to create a community of online teachers.  Certification acknowledges the experience and knowledge of our instructors in teaching online and/or blended courses.  Certified instructors may be invited to showcase their online and/or blended courses at campus events, mentor other faculty in his/her course transformation, and share their experience at future faculty development programs.

Over 70 faculty and instructors have been awarded the certificate represented in the Colleges of Letters and Science, Peck School of the Arts, School of Education, College of Nursing, School of Information Studies, Lubar School of Business, and College of Health Sciences.

Certification requires the following:

  1. Successful completion of the Online and Blended Teaching Program offered by CETL. Application for certification can be grandparented to recognize those who have already successfully completed the program. A self-paced fully online version of the program is available for instructors who come to UWM with previous online or blended teaching experience and who wish certification.
  2. Creation of a D2L course site which demonstrates pedagogical and technical skills appropriate to the circumstances of the course, e.g., its level, enrolment size, learning objectives
  3. Delivery of an online or a blended credit course at UWM
  4. Peer course evaluation by CETL staff or by a certified mentor/evaluator
  5. Provision of a brief (2-3 pages) letter of reflection on how the instructor’s pedagogy has changed.
  6. Allowing your name to be added to the user group listserv providing guidance to other faculty
  7. Allowing your syllabus to be offered as a model for other faculty

Instructors may be invited to participate in one or more of the following:

  1. Mentoring at least one other faculty member in her/his transformation and delivery of the course
  2. Showcasing a newly redesigned course at the Online Program Council and/or an Online and Blended Awareness Session
  3. Recording a course demonstration which may be shared with other faculty on the Web
  4. Participating as a presenter and/or facilitator in one future faculty development program
  5. Allowing your D2L course site and/or other course materials to be offered as an example for other faculty.

For more information on Certificate in Online and Blended Teaching or to find out about opportunities to apply for the Certificate, please contact Dylan Barth in CETL.