Automated Machine Captioning

My Media is the video distribution tool integrated with Canvas. My Media offers a captioning feature that generates captions free-of-charge and automatically embeds the captions into the uploaded video. Captions ordered through My Media are “machine-generated” with speech recognition technology. In other words, the captions are produced without input from a human transcriber. While these captions are very accurate, they’re not accurate enough for students who rely on these captions. It’s important to edit captions and make corrections, usually to punctuation and spelling of disciplinary terms, in order to ensure the captions are accurate. My Media offers a user-friendly caption editing tool that makes correcting automated captions easy.

Even if you don’t have a student with a captioning accommodation, you should consider creating media that offers proactive captioning. Captions are useful for students who are English language learners. In addition, Research shows that being able to read accurate text and listen to audio content can help students comprehend and retain information better.

If you have a student in your class with documented captioning accommodations, the Accessibility Resources Center can provide assistance with captioning media. The Accessibility Resources Center can be contacted at:

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