Advanced Requirements

At least 48 credits selected from CompSci, Math, and MthStats courses at the 300 level or above, beyond those listed above, including the following:

  • CompSci 351 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CompSci 535 Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • 9 additional credits in CompSci
  • 12 credits from Math and/or MthStat, including one of the following two-course sequences:
    • Math 313/314 Lin. Programming and Optimization
    • Math 320/322 Intro. to Differential Eqns. & Intro. to Partial Differential Eqns.
    • Math 413/414 Intro. to Numer. Analysis & Numer. Analysis
    • Math 521/522 Advanced Calculus
    • Math 531/535 Modern Algebra/Lin. Algebra
    • Math 631/632 Modern Algebra
    • MthStat 361/362 Intro. to Math. Stats. I & II

(Math 341, which is part of the Core Requirements, may not count toward these 12 credits)

All courses selected for the major must be approved by an AMCS advisor, and students should check regularly with their advisors to plan their courses of study in a coherent and timely fashion.