Renee Walker, DrPH, MPH

Center Scientist
School Of Public Health

Assistant Professor
Zilber School of Public Health- Community & Behavioral Health Promotion

Interests & Expertise:
An overarching goal of Dr. Walker’s research is health promotion among the aging population, and the translation of research into practice. Dr. Walker’s current research explores disparities in obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes self-management among older adults, with a focus on neighborhood context, including deprivation, poverty, and racial/ethnic and income inequalities. She has developed culturally appropriate exercise interventions for African American and Latinas at risk for coronary heart disease and/or diabetes. At a comprehensive health center, she helped assess diabetes self-management among low-income, older adult patients. Her research has identified individual, familial, community and policy-level factors that influence health and wellness among older adults. To see Dr. Walker’s full profile, click here.

Current Projects:

A Life Course Approach to Address Environmental, Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Correlates of Obesity, Diabetes, & Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors. The purpose of this study is to promote research that focuses on addressing minority health and health disparities from childhood to late adulthood.

Disparities in Socio-cultural Influences on Obesity, and Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease-related Hospital Readmissions. The purpose of this study is to explore socio-cultural factors associated with hospital readmission among older adults with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.

Determinants of hospital readmission among patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes, caregivers, and physicians. The purpose of this study is to identify factors associated with unscheduled hospital readmissions among patients with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease, caregivers, and physicians.


Most Recent Publications:

Morris, 3rd, G. L., Chapman, K., Nelson, D., Fink, J. T., Walker, R., & Cisler, R. A. (2016, June). Physician Use of Electronic Health Records in Obesity Management. WMJ : official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, 115(3), 140-2.
Harley, A., Yang, M., Stoddard, A. M., Adamkiewicz, G., Walker, R., Tucker-Seeley, R. D., Allen, J. D., & Sorensen, G. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Patterns and predictors of health behaviors among racially/ethnically diverse residents of low-income housing developments. American journal of health promotion : AJHP, 29(1), 59-67.
Harley, A., Rice, J., Walker, R., Strath, S. J., Quintiliani, L. M., & Bennett, G. G. (2014, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Physically active, low-income African American women: an exploration of activity maintenance in the context of sociodemographic factors associated with inactivity. Women & health, 54(4), 354-72.
Walker, R., Block, J., & Kawachi, I. (2012). Do Residents of Food Deserts Express Different Food Buying Preferences Compared to Residents of Food Oases? A Mixed-Method Analysis. , 9(1), 41.
Walker, R., & Kawachi, I. (2012). Use of Concept Mapping to Explore the Influence of Food Secuirty on Food Buying Practices. , 112(5), 711-717.