Xiao Qin, Ph.D., PE

Affiliated Scientist
Civil Engineering & Mechanics

Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Interests & Expertise:
Saving lives, saving time, and providing efficient and sustainable transportation to all road users is my research mission. My name is Xiao (Shaw) Qin and I am an Associate Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). My primary research concentrations are Highway Safety and Traffic Operations, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Sustainable Transportation Planning, Statistical Modeling and Applications in Transportation, and GIS and Spatial Data Analysis. I am particularly interested in finding technical and engineering solutions to improving traffic safety and mobility for seniors, persons with physical disabilities or other impairments and vulnerable road users including pedestrians and bicyclists.

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Current Projects:
1. Principal Investigator, All Roads Network of Linear Reference Data (ARNOLD)-creating a unified geospatial database for Wisconsin ($345,781, Wisconsin DOT, 07/01/2016-01/31/2018)

2. Principal Investigator, Identifying Highly Correlated Variables Relating to the Potential Causes of Reportable Wisconsin Traffic Crashes ($100,000, Wisconsin DOT, 09/30/2016-03/31/2017)

3. Co-Principal Investigator, Evaluation of Wisconsin High Visibility Enforcement Program ($29,998, WisDOT, my share: 50%, 12/15/2015-09/30/2016)

5. Principal Investigator, Developing A Pavement Management System for Local and Small Communities ($91,040, jointly funded by the city of Madison, SD and MPC, 01/2014-12/2016)

6. Principal Investigator, Improving Rural Emergency Medical Services (EMS) through Transportation System Enhancements-Phase II ($58,185, USDOT-Mountain Plain Consortium (MPC), 10/2013-04/2016)

Most Recent Publications: