Julie Ellis, Ph.D., RN, GCNS-BC

Affiliated Scientist

Assistant Professor
College of Nursing

Interests & Expertise:
Dr. Ellis joined the faculty of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM) College of Nursing in 2015. Dr. Ellis was previously a faculty member for the Columbia College of Nursing, and the Director of Senior Health Services for the Wheaton Franciscan Health System. She is certified as a Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, and is licensed as a Registered Nurse.

Her research interests are focused on health disparities and health improvement in African American older adults. Her work includes investigations of mechanisms leading to health disparities, as well as assessment of support interventions for at-risk African American older adults that are meant to lead to improved health outcomes.

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Current Projects:

Most Recent Publications:

Briggs, M., Morzinski, J.A., & Ellis, J. (2017). Influences of a Church-Based Intervention on Falls Risk among Seniors. Wisconsin Medical Journal, 116(3), 161-164.

Kovach, C. R., Ellis, J. L., & Schiffman, R. F. (2018). Is assisted self-management a viable concept for individuals with cognitive impairment? , 11(3), 116-117.

Ellis, J. L., & Morzinski, J. A. (2018). Reaching and supporting at-risk community based seniors: Results of a multi-church partnership. Journal of Community Health43(5), 920-928.

Kovach, C. R., Ellis, J., & Evans, C. (2017). Patterns of new physical problems emerging in long-term care residents with dementia. Journal of Gerontological Nursing43(8), 25-32.