Young Cho, Ph.D.

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cho3@uwm.eduZilber School Of Public Health 448
Center Methodologist

Provides assistance with study design, grant development, program evaluation, data analysis, preparation of data reports and publications.

Dr. Young Cho’s current research interests include assessment of lifestyle health risk factors among minority populations, and evaluation of health promotion and intervention programs. As a survey methodologist, he also has focused on the issues of survey measurement errors.

To read more about Young, see his Faculty Page through the Zilber School of Public Health.


Recent Publications:

John, S.A., Walsh, J.L., Cho, Y.I., & Weinhardt, L.S. (2018). Perceived Risk of Intimate Partner Violence Among STI Clinic Patients: Implications for Partner Notification and Patient-Delivered Partner Therapy. Archives of Sexual Behavior 47(2) 481-492. doi:org/10.1007/s10508-017-1051-0

Manfredi, C., Cho, Y., Warnecke, R., Saunders, S., & Sullivan, M. Dissemination Strategies to Improve Implementation of the PHS Smoking Cessation Guideline in MCH Public Health Clinics: Experimental Evaluation Results and Contextual Factors. 2, 348-360.

Laestadius, L., Wahl, M. M., & Cho, Y. (2016, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). #Vapelife: An Exploratory Study of Electronic Cigarette Use and Promotion on Instagram. Substance use & misuse51(12), 1669-1673.

Wang, J., Thomas, D., & Cho, Y. (2015). Sensorimotor learning deficits observed in children with sports-related concussion. F1000Research4(1), 143.

Richman, J. A., Rospenda, K. M., Johnson, T. P., Cho, Y., Vijayasira, G., Cloninger, L., & Wolff, J. M. (2012). Drinking in the Age of the Great Recession. 31, 158-172.

Cho, Y., Johnson, T. P., Barrett, R., Campbell, R. T., Dolecek, T. A., & Warnecke, R. (2011). Neighborhood Changes in Concentrated Immigration and Late Stage Breast Cancer Diagnosis. 13, 9-14.