Chris Cho, MS

Center Biostatistician

Provides assistance with study design, grant preparation, data analysis, study result dissemination, scholarly publication, and preparation of data and grant reports.

Interests & Expertise

Chris Cho’s area of expertise in biostatistics is in the use of advanced statistical methods for clustered and longitudinal data, with a particular emphasis on mixed-effects models. He also has extensive experience with categorical data analysis, especially with logistic regression and using this method to develop risk prediction tools. Cho has experience in the application of statistical methods to a diverse research settings, such as medical-cardiovascular, nursing, public health, behavioral health and education research, among others.

To read more about Chris, see his Faculty Page through the College of Health Sciences.

Recent Publications:

Kavanaugh, M.S., Cho, C., Maedam H., & Swope, C. (2017). “I am no longer alone”: Evaluation of the first North American Camp for Youth Living in Families with Huntington's Disease. Children and Youth Services Review, 79(Supplement C), 325-332. doi:

Swartz, A. M., Cho, C., Welch, W. A., Widlansky, M. E., Maeda, H., & Strath, S. J. (2018, May). Pattern Analysis of Sedentary Behavior Change after a Walking Intervention. American journal of health behavior42(3), 90-101.

Lerma, N. L., Cho, C., Swartz, A. M., Miller, N. E., Keenan, K., & Strath, S. J. (2018, April (2nd Quarter/Spring)). Isotemporal Substitution of Sedentary Behavior and Physical Activity on Function.Medicine and science in sports and exercise50(4), 792-800.

Steeves, J. A., Bassett, D., Fitzhugh, E., Raynor, H., Cho, C., & Thompson, D. L. (2016). Physical activity with and without TV viewing: Effects on enjoyment of physical activity and TV, exercise self-efficacy, and barriers to being active in overweight adults. Journal of Physical Activity and Health13(4), 385-391.

Luo, J., Eldredge, C., Cho, C., & Cisler, R. A. (2016, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). Population Analysis of Adverse Events in Different Age Groups Using Big Clinical Trials Data. JMIR Medical Informatics4(4), e30.

Agarwal, A., Yousefzai, R., Jan, M. F., Cho, C., Shetabi, K., Bush, M., Khandheria, B. K., Paterick, T. E., Treiber, S., Sra, J., Werner, P., Allaqaband, S., Bajwa, T., & Tajik, A. J. (2015). Clinical Application of WHF-MOGE(S) Classification for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Global Heart10(3), 209-219.