As record numbers of Americans retire, the need for professionals with knowledge of age-related issues has never been higher. Students seeking careers in virtually every field — health sciences, communications, urban planning, technology, politics — will benefit from courses that cover gerontological topics.

That’s why the Center for Aging & Translational Research has teamed up with professors in the departments of Kinesiology, Communications and Social Work to offer these courses.

Undergraduate Courses

CATR partners with various Schools and Colleges at UWM to provide a variety of age-related courses within the context of other majors.

SOCWK 300: Aged to Perfection: An Introduction to Aging
Aged to Perfection: An Introduction to Aging
Social Work 300
COMM 285: Communicating with Older Adults
Communicating with Older Adults
Communications 285
  • Online course
  • Only offered in Fall semesters.
  • Applies communication research and theory to the understanding of older adults.
  • Satisfies requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate in Healthy Aging.
  • Open to all majors.
KIN 290: Health and Wellness As We Age

Health and Wellness As We Age
Kinesiology 290


Other age-related courses that count towards our certificates:

  • PSYCH 680: Psychology of Aging (Spring)
  • SOC WRK 685: Social Gerontology (Fall)
  • SOCIOL 282: Sociology of Aging (Fall)
  • AD LDSP: Educational Dimensions of Practice wth Older Adults (Spring)
  • JAMS 280: Health and Media (Online, Spring)
  • PHILOS 244: Ethical Issues in Health Care (Fall)
  • PSYCH 578: Psychology of Race, Ethnicity and Health (Spring)
  • PSYCH 682: The Aging Brain (Fall)
  • SOC WRK 680: Death & Dying (Fall & Spring)
  • THEATRE 260: Storytelling: Elder Tales (Varies)
  • ARCH 302: Architecture and Human Behavior
  • KIN 732: Physical Activities and Health Across the Life Span
  • NURS 670: Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults
  • NURS 760: Processes of Aging
  • OCC THPY 625: Design and Disability


Graduate Courses


  • Nursing 760: Processes of Aging
  • Social Work 851: Social Issues and Policy Analysis: Age

Core Courses:

  • Administrative Leadership 547: Educational Dimensions of Practice with Older Adults
  • Psychology 680: Psychology of Aging
  • Social Work 680: Death & Dying
  • Social Work 685: Social Gerontology
  • Social Work 855: Practice Skills and Concepts for Aging and Health
  • Theatre 699: Creativity in Health Settings



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