Part IX: Isabel Hubbard: Keeping the Tradition Alive

By: Hannah Lipton
Summer 2015 Communications Intern
Junior majoring in Media Studies


Isabel Hubbard is a loving mother of two adult children and grandmother of five. Full disclosure. . . I’m one of those grandchildren. Throughout the years, my grandmother not only does everything she can to stay in touch with her family, she also stays connected with her community. From serving lunches at a local senior center to judging events at county fairs, Isabel is actively strengthening her community through volunteering.

Developing a sense of connection and belonging is important to our mental health and can contribute to aging successfully. Social connections engage our body and mind and volunteering provides an opportunity to extend beyond ourselves and contribute to the common good. Being passionate about a cause makes the volunteer experience even more rewarding.

Isabel began volunteering at a young age and stuck with it during the summer months while she was a teacher. For instance, she has put in over 25 years of love and kindness at Meriter Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

Belonging to many different clubs through her church and several non-profits, Isabel is able to remain social. And when she is looking for guidance or insight on what to do next, she can always go to her loving husband Allan.

Isabel is currently doing an array of volunteer work such as: being an election poll official, a lunch helper at the Middleton Senior Center, a hostess for Madison Civic Club Meetings at the Monona Terrace, a lecturer for the topic of “Ten Chimneys in Genesee Depot”, and lastly a county 4-H judge at the Stoughton, Lodi and Dane County fairs.

When asked what made her want to get involved with the community, she responded with something that gave me a sense of pride to be part of this family.

“My parents were both involved in volunteer work while I was growing up and I saw that it pleased them and made them happier”.

It’s obvious that Isabel was strongly influenced by her parent’s selflessness. We, in turn, have been shaped by her example because volunteering has become a tradition for my family. Both of my parents volunteered, and ever since I can remember, I have been involved with one organization or another as a volunteer. Hopefully, the legacy of my great grandparents will live on even beyond me.

Lastly, I asked Isabel to look back and think about everything that she has accomplished throughout her life and to think about what she is most proud of.

She responded with the most honest of answers, “I have a great pride in my two adult children and their families. They are all successful and have maintained good relationships with each other throughout the many years”.

It is clear that Isabel has a tremendous amount of love for her family, and is grateful for her own parent’s commitment to the health and well-being of their community. I, for one, am inspired by her and plan to continue her legacy by giving my time where needed. It will give me an opportunity to gain new experiences and insights, connect with others, and hopefully even inspire the next generation.