Aging Successfully Series

Our Aging Successfully Series is designed to provide a glimpse into the lives of older adults who are aging successfully. Each story will focus on a different topic of well-being and show how these individuals are excelling in each. Enjoy!

Part I: Gloria’s House of Cards
Glorias House of Cards
Our first story focuses on the importance of maintaining a strong social life as we age. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York, some of the benefits of being a social older adult include a potentially reduced risk for… Read More

Bill 1Part II: Bill Horstman: Former Assistant Dean, Stand-up Comic

Our second story focuses on the importance of staying mentally active as we age. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, keeping the brain active seems to increase its vitality and may build reserves of brain cells and connections. You can even generate new brain cells…Read More

Part III: Arnold Heling: Living With Purpose Arnold Heling

Our third story focuses on the importance of maintaining purpose as we age. According to a meta-analysis called “Creating and Maintaining Purpose in Life in Old Age,” Pinquart claims, “Purpose in life is a defining feature of mental health.” Arnold Heling is an 80 year old retired firefighter living with a great amount of purpose…Read More

Part IV: Mary-Alice MartinesMary-Alice

She is a vibrant, sweet woman who is looking at her age not as a crutch but as a time when she can do the things that really interest her. Mary Alice was born in 1930 in Oak Park, Illinois, birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway. When she was 10 years old, her family moved to…Read More

Part V: Meet Jean BromleyJean Bromley

People who are engaged in life tend to be healthier and live longer. Meet Jean Bromley. Jean has lived a life filled with adventure and rich experiences. As she enters year two of her retirement, she sees her age as a calmer time to stay physically fit, volunteer, and fully engage in her role as wife, mother, grandmother and friend…Read More.

Part VI: Meet Dorothy KaraPositive

Milwaukee’s own, Dorothy Kara emulates this theory that a positive attitude supports a healthier lifestyle as she ages. Dorothy is 88 years old; but claims that she “doesn’t feel that old at all!” Dorothy lives independently in a retirement community and keeps herself incredibly busy. She still drives and takes full advantage of …Read More.

Part VII: Meet Connie RoybalConnie Roybal

For Connie Roybal, faith and wellness go hand in hand. As Connie ages, and is no longer on a daily schedule she is finding that spirituality and God have become a major part of her daily life. Connie has always considered herself both spiritual and religious. She grew up in New Mexico …Read More.

Part VIII: Meet Susan BakerAging Successfully -Susan

Susan Baker retired in 2010 after immersing herself in the world of education in the Milwaukee area for over 30 years. She has taught all different types of students. She has lectured at universities, like Mount Mary and MATC. She’s worked with both elementary and high school students. Sue finished the last 11 years of her career…Read More.

Part IX: Isabel Hubbard: Keeping the Tradition AliveAging Successfully -ISabel

Isabel Hubbard is a loving mother of two adult children and grandmother of five. Full disclosure. . . I’m one of those grandchildren. Throughout the years, my grandmother not only does everything she can to stay in touch with her family, she also stays connected with her community. From serving lunches at a local senior centers to judging events at county fairs …Read More.

Part X: Meet Mara: A hard-working immigrant, passionate activist, and loving grandmother


Take a moment and imagine abruptly fleeing your home country to settle in a place where everyone speaks a different language. Now imagine being 37 years old when you flee—leaving behind a familiar culture, lifestyle, routine and career. Welcome to the life of my tireless and committed grandmother, Mara Gozenpud. The Chernobyl disaster….Read More.

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