Prepare for a Career Fair

What can I expect at a Career Fair?

  • Anywhere from 50-100 employers represented at various booths
  • Crowds – be patient and observe
  • Lots of background noise with which you’ll have to compete
  • All employers expect questions about their companies and jobs/internships
  • Employers have different agendas: some may be recruiting for open positions; others encourage you to apply online; others will conduct brief screens of your qualifications to determine if they want to schedule an interview; others might just be gathering notes and not hiring immediately 

What should I wear?

Professional Not so professional
Business clothes
  • Business suit in a conservative color (navy, gray, or black are preferred); women may wear suits with either a skirt or pants
  • For men: dress shirt and tie
  • For women: blouse that complements the suit; neckline no lower than collarbone; skirt hem should be no more than two inches above the knee
  • Clothes clean and pressed
  • Shoes: for men—wing tips or loafers with dark socks; for women—low/medium heels or flats with neutral hose
  • Jeans or sweats
  • Shirt tail not tucked in
  • Stains or wrinkles
  • Shoes run down at the heels, scuffed, or not polished
  • White socks
  • Low necklines
  • Too tight or too loose clothing
  • Revealing or provocative
  • Necktie not properly tied
  • Clean and styled
  • Off your face
  • For men – facial hair should be groomed
  • Dirty or unkempt
  • Excessively long bangs
  • Playing with your hair
  • Minimal jewelry: small earrings (one pair only), necklaces, pins, etc. (wedding/engagement rings are acceptable)
  • Good-quality briefcase or portfolio to hold papers
  • Excessive or large jewelry
  • Disorganized materials
  • Heavy or excessive scents

Elevator speech

Prepare your pitch

  • Be specific
  • Target your pitch to the company and role in which you’re interested
  • Keep you pitch conversational and natural, not too heavy on details
  • Be entusiastic

Build your pitch

  • Begin with an introduction
  • Take about your work experience in a clear manner
  • Be prepared to stop and answer questions
  • Discuss your skills and knowledge
  • Tell them what you’re looking for from this pitch
  • You might try: NEWT (Name, education, why you’re there, then be nice)


“I am a junior studying Computer Engineering. I have done well in my engineering courses, such as Computer Systems and Advanced Algorithms. I am part of the student council. I enjoy programming Android apps in my spare time. I am now looking for a full time position at a world class technology company.”

Listen to our staff elevator speeches. 

Questions to ask employers

Application and hiring process questions

  • Could you please describe the hiring process for your organization and how long it takes?
  • Does your company only hire at certain times of the year or on an ongoing basis?
  • What is the most effective way to learn about and apply for positions with your organization?
  • Have you hired past interns for full time, permanent positions?

Hiring needs

  • What are the particular needs of your company at this point in time?
  • What entry level positions do you typically have available?
  • How many positions in your company are currently open in my career field?
  • Do you offer internships or part-time positions to help people gain career-related skills?
  • Does your organization have current needs that could be met by an intern?
  • Although your organization does not currently have an internship program, would you consider developing an internship for someone with my skills and educational background?
  • I understand that your company does not offer positions in my professional area. Can you refer me to other organizations that may hire people with my skills?


  • What type of educational background do you look for in qualified candidates?
  • What types of experiences and skills should candidates have for positions in _________?
  • What are the characteristics of your most successful employees?
  • What skills do you find most marketable in your industry today?
  • What skills to you project being necessary in tomorrow’s job market?
  • Please describe the qualifications, responsibilities and specific time requirements of an internship with your organization.

Careers by Symplicity App to Prepare

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