What recruitment options are available for employers? 

We offer several recruitment options for employers:  

  1. The first step is utilizing Handshake, our online service where employers may post their job listings to be seen directly by our students after administrative approval. This site is available to all UWM current students and alumni.  To learn how to register and make successful job postings please visit: https://uwm.edu/careerplan/students-2/jobs-internships/pantherjobs/
  2. Tabling Sessions on campus are a free opportunity we offer to employers with approved registrations and at least one job posting on Handshake. To learn more about this opportunity please visit: https://uwm.edu/careerplan/employers-2/off-campus-employers/on-campus-recruiting/ 
  3. Job and Career Fairs are a great way for on and off campus employers to connect with our diverse student body. These events both help to promote the company and greatly increase their exposure to our students. Employers benefit from having hundreds of talented students present in one area and interested in learning more about a company’s mission and opportunities. To learn more about participating in a Job or Career Fair please visit: https://uwm.edu/careerplan/employers-2/off-campus-employers/careerfairs/ 
  4. Our Employer Partner Program offers the most opportunity for employers to connect with our students. This program allows employers to connect with our students through social media promotions, target emails, career/job fair participation, and more.  There are various levels of packages available for employers to choose from to best suite theirs needs.