Can I still use the Career Service Resources after graduation?

Absolutely! Handshake, Big Interview, and any online resources are always available for UWM alumni to use. All of our fairs are also open to alumni, with the exception of the part-time fair in the fall.

We also allow alumni to have one-on-one walk-ins and appointments with a career counselor depending on the number of years since graduation. Please see our official policy below. If you or the career counselor you work with feels like you might need more than the number of visits you’re allowed, you will need approval from the director.

Number of Years Since Graduation Number of Visits per Year
0 – 1 Years 6
1 – 2 Years 5
2 – 3 Years 4
3 – 4 Years 3
4 – 5 Years 2
5 – 6 Years 1