2015 Fall All Majors Career Fair 281.2Post jobs, internships, and volunteer positions

Create an account within UWM’s PantherJobs — the one stop shop for students to look for jobs, internships, and volunteer positions.¬†Posting on PantherJobs makes your position visible to UWM’s 28,000 students and 150,000 alumni. There is no fee for posting jobs for UWM students and alumni.

  • For full-time and part-time positions – Contact Kamara Jackson, Recruiting Coordinator, at 414-229-5367 or jacksokc@uwm.edu
  • For internships, volunteer positions, and UWM Campus student jobs (includes federal workstudy) – Contact Linda Walker, Career Counselor, at 414-229-4487 or walkel@uwm.edu