Canvas Pioneers

This page contains information for Canvas Pioneers, who are instructors using Canvas in their Fall 2018 courses. If you would like to use Canvas in Fall 2018, please complete the Canvas Pioneers form. All UWM instructors will be able to use Canvas in Spring 2019; D2L will no longer be available in Spring 2020.

Canvas Login Page

Students and instructors can log into Canvas at the following URL: Help resources and training are available at this site. Canvas also appears in both the “Current Students” and “Faculty/Staff” dropdown menus on the main UWM home page.

Official Courses

Fall 2018 official Canvas courses with enrolled students are now available! You should see your official courses for Fall 2018 listed on your Canvas Dashboard, indicated by the term “MIL Fall 2018.” You can click on “People” in the course navigation to see your list of students. If you have been developing your course in a “Blank – Your Name – #” course in Canvas, you can easily transfer your course materials to the official course site. If you do not have a blank site or need additional sites, please contact

Copying Content into an Official Canvas Course

If you have been developing your course in a “Blank – Your Name – #” Canvas site, you can easily transfer your course materials to the official course site. However, please feel free to contact CETL if you need additional help!

Supporting Students

Most, if not all, of your students will be taking some courses that use Canvas and some that use D2L, which may cause confusion for your students. CETL is working with the UWM web development team to develop a resource list for students to help them quickly identify which of their courses are using Canvas. This Canvas site provides students with video overviews, select Canvas Guides, and self-paced online training to help acclimate them to the Canvas environment.

In addition, we recommend that you include language in your syllabus that directs them to Canvas. Here is some sample text you can use and modify:

Although many of your courses may be using D2L, we will be using Canvas in this course for course materials, assignments, and grades. Please log in at: You will also find training and help resources on this site.

If you are teaching a face-to-face or blended course, you may also want to spend 5-10 minutes on the first day of class showing students your Canvas site and inviting them to log in.


We have several training options available to you as an instructor, including face-to-face workshops, online webinars, self-paced training, and Canvas Guides. Please visit our list of trainings for more information.

Canvas Integrations

Some external tools will be available for integration into your Fall 2018 Canvas courses. Here is the current list:

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  • Cengage MindLinks
  • Films-on-Demand
  • Kaltura (MyMedia)
  • McGraw-Hill Campus
  • Norton InQuizitive
  • TurningPoint Clickers

What does it mean to be a Canvas Pioneer?

Being a Canvas Pioneer simply means that you are using Canvas for your courses in Fall 2018. In addition, you have been added to an email list to receive regular updates about Canvas, but you are under no obligation to do anything beyond teaching one or more of your courses in Canvas!

Get Help

Please contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for support during the transition to Canvas. Thank you for your participation!