Canvas Transition

Why Canvas?

The decision to move to Canvas was based upon an extensive UW System RFP process that involved the input and cooperation of thousands across the UW System, including many faculty, staff and students at UWM. Feel free to visit the UW System DLE Implementation Project website, which describes the system-wide project and updates.

Timeline for UWM

The first UWM courses in Canvas will be offered during the Fall 2018 semester. Instructors will be able to use D2L for their courses until Fall 2019. After Fall 2019, UWM courses will no longer be offered in D2L.

What are some features of Canvas?

Canvas offers the tools and functions of a traditional learning management system, such as the ability for instructors to upload content, facilitate online discussions, provide student grades, and develop online quizzes. While we will be thoroughly exploring all aspects of Canvas, here are a few of the exciting features we know of in Canvas:

  • Mobile app and responsive design for mobile browsers
  • Additional tools for group collaboration
  • Ability for instructors to mark up papers directly in Canvas and to give efficient feedback in discussions
  • Contemporary, user-friendly interface
  • Greater access to data and analytics

In short, Canvas will allow UWM to continue providing excellence in teaching and learning while creating new opportunities for innovation and for increasing student success on campus.

UWM Support

You will be well supported through this transition! UWM’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and the UWM Help Desk are committed to training and supporting instructors on the use of Canvas through:

  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Online tutorials and workshops
  • Online documentation
  • Email, phone, and walk-in support

Canvas Pioneers

A selection of courses will be offered in Canvas in Fall 2018, with availability for all instructors to use Canvas in Spring 2019. If you are an instructor who is interested in using Canvas in Fall 2018, please fill out the Canvas Pioneers Form.

Questions about the Canvas transition?

Do you have questions about UWM’s move to Canvas? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you don’t find your answer there, please fill out the Canvas Questions form. Your questions will help us plan for implementation, training, and support. Thank you!