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To better foster interdisciplinary partnerships for research, teaching, and social change initiatives, C21 is hosting INTEREST CLUSTER pages.  Based on a survey sent to C21 stakeholders across disciplines, we identified the seven general themes listed in the sidebar – three topics and four methods/practices.

It is our hope that these Interest Cluster pages raise awareness of what people are doing and the questions they are asking; and draw people into collaborations that generate projects – from large scale research grants to forming certificate programs or building a network of people interested in ongoing reading / learning on a given topic.

Our programming themes are drawn from the interest clusters as well, under the wider topics of Well, Duty, and Trust.  Keep an eye out for specific events to support more exploration and development of these topics.

C21’s mission is to build a community of scholars to address the pressing issues of our time. We hope these pages serve to do just that, bring together scholars, students, and community leaders to foster and generate knowledge and positive change.

If you have are interested in being listed in an Interest Cluster, please complete the form below. If you are already listed here, please use the form to specify your “research interest” to focus specifically on a question you are asking on the particular topic/theme.

Interest Cluster Database

This form will be used to populate the soon-to-be searchable directory demonstrating the research, project, and mission interests of UWM faculty and Milwaukee community members. Please complete to be part of the database.

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