Critical | Public | Digital

The Center organizes its research and public programs around three broad areas of interdisciplinary humanities research: critical, public, and digital humanities.

  • Critical humanities describes the continuation of the Center’s ongoing focus on critical and theoretical interdisciplinary scholarship and research.
  • Public humanities entails both the communication of humanities research outside the walls of the university and the humanistic engagement with local, state, and regional communities.
  • Digital humanities research focuses on the remediation of print texts and artifacts in digital formats, as well as on the creation of new critical methodologies for analyzing digital media.

Each year the Center constitutes a group of faculty fellows whose research interests relate to one or more of these three broad areas of humanities research. Through the C21 Collaboratory, the Center supports interdisciplinary collaboration by faculty, graduate students, and academic staff both within and outside of UWM. Nationally and internationally known scholars are brought to campus to address the C21 community in seminars, lectures, and conferences.

Previously, the Center had organized its research and public programs around particular themes that changed from year to year. Here is an archive of some of our more recent annual themes.