Digital Culture (“Serious Play”) Collaboratory

The Digital Cultures Collaboratory is an interdisciplinary group that provides students, faculty and staff the opportunity to critically engage and actively research games, play and related cultural formations. Many of our current efforts are focused on Twitch, a live-streaming platform where we broadcast play sessions of both digital and analog-based games. “Serious Play,” our Twitch channel (, gives us the opportunity to discuss games in the process of play while engaging a broader public. Visit the Twitch channel or this page for more information about current streams.

The Digital Culture Collaboratory and Serious Play’s activities also include a blog, conference presentations, UWM-hosted events, several active research projects, and fellowship and grant proposals for our members.

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Faculty & Staff Members:

  • Thomas Malaby, Anthropology @tmmalaby (PI)
  • Stuart Moulthrop, English @StuartMoulthrop (PI)
  • Nathan Humpal, Gold Meir Library @angrymice
  • Jennifer Dworschack-Kinter, English
  • Kirsta-Lee Malone, UW-Madison @GamerAnthro

A complete list of membership is maintained on this page.