New for 2019: Inside C21 Podcast!
The Center for 21st Century Studies now has a podcast exploring current humanities research that helps us face the 21st century. Inside C21 is hosted by our Graduate Fellow Mallory Zink. Each new episode features interviews with an upcoming speaker and one of the Center’s current Faculty Fellows.

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The Center for 21st Century Studies has amassed a trove of recorded conference keynotes and one-off lectures over the years. New material is being added all the time. Browse our YouTube channel for videos and recorded talks going as far back as 2012.

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Insecurity Conference

Below you can view the welcome and opening remarks, keynote talks, and the closing roundtable discussion from our most recent annual spring conference, “Insecurity.”

Recent Speakers

Take a look at some of the events we’ve held recently at the Center. All photos below were taken by Allain Daigle. If you’re looking for more photos from Center events through the years, take a look in our History of the Center archive, which documents the Center’s activities by decade beginning with its founding in 1968, with many photos and event posters included.

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