Interest Clusters

In 2021, C21 conducted a survey to identify the interests of UWM stakeholders who work within the humanities and social sciences. The results demonstrated that there is much to gain from collaboration across departments, faculty, students, and neighboring partners.

C21 aims to help start and support these conversations. In addition to the annual call for C21 Collaborations, we are working to create an interactive portal that makes use of the interests identified through this survey. The interests are topic and action-oriented, and include:

  • Decolonizing
  • Democracy/Citizenship
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Organizing
  • Playing
  • Storying

The interest clusters informed the 2021-2023 themes that now serve as the foundation for C21’s planning: Well, Duty, and Trust. The programming of the Center focuses on the intersection and “trialogue” of these themes, with small “unconferences” emerging from them over the course of these three years. This new framework demonstrates C21’s commitment to hosting conversations relevant to the UWM and Milwaukee communities.

In 2022, C21 will use these interest clusters to tag and organize digital content with hopes that the curation of content, coupled with the creation of a faculty database and potential listservs, will help in future endeavors to create new programming and curricula at UWM. Stay tuned for details in the New Year!