Center Director Richard Grusin Speaks About Trump, Terrorism, and Total Mediation in Madison

The Trump ShowThis Monday, November 12, Center Director Richard Grusin will be giving a talk at the Institute for Research in the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Titled “The Trump Show: Terrorism and Total Mediation,” the talk will consider how media and mediation function as everyday acts of terrorism in and through the Trump presidency. Specifically, Grusin argues that Trump’s radical mediation is best understood as The Trump Show, a kind of “gesamtvermittlung,” or total mediation, which operates to captivate and terrify the American public into tolerating a level of criminal and immoral behavior that would have been totally unacceptable in any previous presidency.

The talk starts at 3:30 in room 212 of the University Club Building. For more information, visit the event page.