Just Feelings

Just Feelings: Citizenship, Justice, and the Emotions

Original Just Feelings Conference Program

April 27 – 28, 2001

Friday, April 27

Welcome: Kristie Hamilton

Arenas of Justice

Ann Cvetkovich
“An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures”

Jane Gallop
“Living with His Camera: Emotional Detachment, Sontag, and Domestic Argument”

Conference Speaker Bios

Moderator: Joan Wolf

Emotional History

William Reddy
“Emotional Rights: Superfluous or Fundamental?”

Kevin Rozario
“Feeling Good: Delicious Horror and the Origins of American Humanitarianism”

Moderator: Mark Bradley

Eduardo Kac
“Telepresence, Biotelematics, Transgenic Art”

Introduction: Lane Hall

Saturday, April 28

Just Aesthetics

Lisa Saltzman
“On the Ethics and Aesthetics of Contemporary Holocaust Art”

Patrice Petro
“World Weariness and Weimar Women: Theorizing Aesthetic and Cultural Moods”

Moderator: Alice Gillam

Feeling and the Citizen-Subject

José Esteban Muñoz
“Freakery and Feeling: The Case of Latinidad”

Gregory Jay
“Other People’s Holocausts: Justice, Empathy, and Accountability in the Work of Anna Deavere Smith”

Leerom Medovi
“Downsizing as a Structure of Feeling: The Emergent Politics of Disenfranchisement”

Moderator: Dick Blau

Controlling Emotions

Jennifer Travis / Milette Shamir
“Emotional Rescue? Rethinking Masculinity and Emotion in the U.S.”

Jane Caputi
“‘Take Back What Does Not Belong to Me’: The Transmission of Affect and Secual Violence”

Moderator: Anne Hansen

Patterns and Practice

Susan Bandes
“What’s Love Got to Do with It?”

Kristin Ruggiero
“Passional Crimes”

John P. Jackson
“The Political Uses of Race Hatred: The ‘New’ Scientific Racism in the Postwar United States”

Moderator: Bernard Gendron

Discussants: Carrie Yang Costello, Ingrid Jordt,
Gwynne Kennedy, William Vélez, Yuan Yuan