DEBT conference

April 29 – May 1, 2010

Thursday, April 29
Milwaukee Art Museum

Tour of Chipstone Decorative Arts Galleries

Theaster Gates, Jr.
Performance and lecture related to the exhibition, “To Speculate Darkly”

Friday, April 30

Welcome, Dean Richard Meadows, Merry Wiesner-Hanks, and Peter Y. Paik

The Economics of Debt
Richard D. Wolff, “Consumer Debt and the Economic Crisis”
Elaine Lewinnek, “The Cost of the American Dream: Historic Perspective on the Housing Crisis”
Joel Magnuson, “Looking Beyond the Recession”
John S. Heywood (Economics, UWM), moderator

The Ecology of Debt
Gerry Canavan, “Debt, Theft, Permaculture: Justice and Ecological Scale”
Genese Sodikoff, “Lazarus Effects: The Spectral Ecology and Political Economy
of Extinction Debt in Madagascar”
Julianne Lutz Warren, “Placing Debt”
Erica Bornstein (Anthropology, UWM), moderator

Keynote: Michael A. Gillespie

Saturday, May 1

The Ethics of Debt
Eleanor Courtemanche, “Unintended Consequences from Dickens to Hayek”
Kennan Ferguson, “Debt’s Moral”
Stephen Gardner, “How Debt Replaces Guilt: Social Order vs Sacred Order”
William Bristow (Philosophy, UWM), moderator

The Demons of Debt
Morris Berman, “Is Debt the New Karma? Why America Finally Fell Apart”
Mary Poovey, “Demonizing Debt, Naturalizing Finance”
Jason Puskar (English, UWM), moderator

The Futures of Debt
Michael Tratner, “The Resurrection of an Economic God: Keynes Becomes Postmodern”
Donald D. Hester, “China and the United States: The Bonds of Debt”
Steven Shaviro, “The ‘Bitter Necessity’ of Debt: Neoliberal Finance and the Society of Control”
Tracey Heatherington (Anthropology, UWM), moderator

Closing Discussion