Displacements: Cultural Identities in Question

April 4-5, 1991

with Leslie Adelson, Angelika Bammer, Marcus Bullock, Elaine Chang, Rey Chow, Brian Doherty, Jane Gallop, Cheryl Johnson, Ronald Judy, Mary Layoun, Martine Meyer, Kathryn Milun, Panivong Norindr, Aine O’Brien, Patrice Petro, Robin Pickering-Iazzi, Roby Rajan, Julio Ramos, Karen Remmler, Sheila Roberts, Rolando Romero, Heidrun Suhr, Carol Tennessen, David Wallace, William Washabaugh, Kathleen Woodward, Pemina Yellow Bird, and Yuan Yuan

The Center sponsored the conference, Displacements: Cultural Identities in Question, on April 4-5, 1991, which was held in Curtin Hall 175. The conference was organized to answer the following questions: What is the relationship between cultural constructions of identity and historical experiences of displacement? How do “home” and “cultural identity” become sites of struggle over place? What are the stakes? Who gains? Who loses? How are “foreignness” and “at-homeness” deployed strategically? And finally, what are the relationships among “displacement” as a theoretical signifier, a textual strategy, and a lived experience? Many of the papers presented at the conference were used in a book, edited by the conference organizer Angelika Bammer, Displacements: Cultural Identities in Question.

Angelika Bammer (Emory) and Ronald Judy (Carnegie Mellon)

Angelika Bammer (Emory) and Ronald Judy (Carnegie Mellon)

Thursday, April 4

1:30 – 2:00 pm

Kathleen Woodward (UWM)

Angelika Bammer (Emory)
Introduction to the Conference

2:00 – 3:30 pm

Cultural (Im)posturing

Rey Chow (Minnesota)
“Where Have All the Natives Gone?”
Introduction: Angelika Bammer (Emory)

Rey Chow photo

Rey Chow (Minnesota)

3:30 – 4:00 pm

Panivong Norindr (UWM)
“‘Coming Home’ on the Fourth of July: The Press, Immigration, and Identity”
Sheila Roberts (UWM)
“Reconstituted Relationships”

4:00 – 5:30 pm

Elaine Chang (Stanford)
“A Not-So-New Spelling of My Name: Notes toward (and against) a Politics of Equivocation”
Moderator: Cheryl Johnson (UWM)

photo of Kathryn Milun, Heidrun Suhr, Karen Remmler and Pemina Yellow Bird

(front l-r) Kathryn Milun (Minnesota), Heidrun Suhr (NYU), (back shaking hands) Karen Remmler (Mt. Holyoke) and Pemina Yellow Bird (Madison)

Friday, April 5

Border Crossings

9:00 – 10:30 am

Mary Layoun (UW-Madison)
“Narrating the Nation as (Violated) Body: Or, Rape by Any Other Name?”
Rolando Romero (UWM)
“Shipwrecked Identities: The Narratives on Cabeza de Vaca and Gonzalo Guerrero”

10:30 – 11:00 am

Leslie Adelson (Ohio State)
“Misplacing/Displacing Minority Discourse: Jews and Other ‘Others’ in German Novels by Jeannette Lander”
Moderator: Kathleen Woodward

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Acts of Translation

Heidrun Suhr (NYU)
“‘Heimat’ and National Identity in Texts by Foreigners Writing in German”
Karen Remmler (Mt. Holyoke)
“Sheltering Battered Bodies in Language: Imprisonment Once More?”
Kathryn Milun (Minnesota) and Pemina Yellow Bird (Madison)
“The Repatriation of Indian Remains: Issues in Cultural Identity and Politics”
Moderator: Jane Gallop (UWM)

2:00 – 3:30 pm

Positions of Authority

David Wallace (University of Texas-Austin)
“Periodizing, Mapping, Genocide”
Introduction: Angelika Bammer (Emory)

David Wallace (University Texas-Austin)

David Wallace (University Texas-Austin)

4:00 – 5:30 pm

Ronald Judy (Carnegie Mellon)
“Translating Inventories of American Cultural Theories: Sampling Postmodern Anthropology”
Julio Ramos (UC-Berkeley)
“Language and Citizenship in Latin America”
Aine O’Brien (UWM)
“Passive Revolution, Wars of Position: Perceptions of Place and the Legal Fictions of Nation”
Moderator: Patrice Petro

Panivong Norindr (UWM), Cheryl Johnson (UWM), and Elaine Chang (Stanford)

Panivong Norindr (UWM), Cheryl Johnson (UWM), and Elaine Chang (Stanford)

5:30 – 6:30 pm

General Discussants: Marcus Bullock (UWM), Brian Doherty (UWM), Martine Meyer (UWM), Robin Pickering-Iazzi (UWM), Roby Rajan (UW-Parkside), Carol Tennessen (UWM), William Washabaugh (UWM), Yuan Yuan (UWM)

Ronald Judy (Carnegie Mellon), Julio Ramos (UC-Ber), and Aine O'Brien (UWM)

Ronald Judy (Carnegie Mellon), Julio Ramos (UC-Berkeley), and Aine O’Brien (UWM)

Conference Organizer:
Angelika Bammer
Conference Coordinator:
Carol Tennessen

Rolando Romero (UWM) and William Vélez (UWM)

Rolando Romero (UWM) and William Vélez (UWM)