Arthur Kleinman, MD: “The Anthropology of Medical Ethics”

Dr. Arthur Kleinman presented his lecture on Friday, March 3, 1995, in Curtin Hall 118. At the time, Dr. Kleinman was the Chair of the Department of Social Medicine and was well-known for his interdisciplinary study of culture, illness, and healing. Dr. Kleinman was also founding editor of the international journal Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry. Currently, Dr. Kleinman is the Esther and Sidney Rabb Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Harvard University and was Chair of that Department from 2004-2007; from 1991 to 2000 he chaired Harvard Medical School’s Department of Social Medicine and from 1993-2002 he held the Maude and Lillian Presley Professorship at Harvard Medical School. He continues to be Professor of Social Medicine and Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Arthur Kleinman