International Symposium on Post-Modern Performance

November 17-20, 1976

with Israel Horovitz, Carolee Schneemann, Dick Higgins, David Cole, Campbell Tatham, Daniel Charles, Ihab Hassan, John Cage, Jean Clair, Hubert Damisch, Allan Kaprow, Jean-François Lyotard, Jerome Rothenberg, Herbert Blau, Teresa de Lauretis, Walter Rewar, Richard Hughes, Richard Palmer, Wladimir Krysinski, Raymond Federman, Eugène Ionesco, Carol Duncan, Umberto Eco, and Jackson Mac Low

John Cage and Michel Benamou

John Cage (left) and Center director Michel Benamou (right)

Wednesday, November 17
8:00PM “Quartet,” by Israel Horovitz
Carolee Schneemann, videotape, Up to and Including Her Limits

Thursday, November 18
9-10:45 Michel Benamou: Opening Remarks
Dick Higgins, “An Exemplativist Manifesto”

11-1 Workshops
Semiotics 1: David Cole
“Performance from Visual Scripts: The Abstract Graphic Pattern as a ‘Working Model’ of the Dramatic Text”
Theatre 1: Israel Horovitz
Literature 1: Campbell Tatham
“Mythotherapy and Post-Modern Fictions”
Inter Arts 1: Daniel Charles
“New Music: Utopia AND Oblivion”

1-2 Carolee Schneemann videotape

2-3:45 Keynote Speaker: Ihab Hassan, “Prometheus as Performer: Notes Toward an Indefinition of Post-Humanist Culture”

4-5:45 Panel: Marcel Duchamp the Performer
John Cage
Jean Clair
Hubert Damisch
Allan Kaprow
Jean-François Lyotard

6-8 Carolee schneemann videotape

8:00 Poetry: Jerome Rothenberg, Jackson Mac Low, and the Four Horsemen

Friday, November 19
9-10:45AM Herbert Blau, “Seeming, Seeming, the Disappearing Act”

11-1 Workshops
Semiotics 2:
Teresa de Lauretis
“The Encoding of Performance in the Theatre: Pirandello’s Texts as Scripts for the Mise-en-Scene”
Walter Rewar
“The Cybernetic Modeling of Performance”
Theatre 2: Richard Hughes
“The Actor’s Present”
Literature 2:
Richard Palmer
“Some Elements of a Post-Modern View of Performance”
Wladimir Krysinski
“Textual Performance as One-Man/Woman Show: from Stein to Roche”
Inter Arts 2: Carolee Schneemann
“Instrumentality/Invisibility: The Relation of Self and Materials”

2-3:45 Raymond Federman, “Federman: Voices within Voices”

4-5:45 Jean François Lyotard, “The Unconscious as Mise-en-Scene”

8:00 American Premiere of Man with Bags by Eugène Ionesco

Saturday, November 20
9-10:45 Carol Duncan, “Phasing Out Mothers”

11-1 Open Forums
Semiotics of Performance (Eco, Cole, et. al.)
Politics of Theatre (Blau, Hughes, et. al.)
Literature as Performance (Hassan, Lerman, et. al.)
Inter Arts (Higgins, Charles, et. al.)

2-3:45 Umberto Eco, “The Performer as Multichannel Emitter of Poetic Messages”

4-5:45 Special Panel
Allan Kaprow: Happenings, Events, Activities and Performances
Dick Higgins
Jackson Mac Low
Jerome Rothenberg
Carolee Schneemann

8:00 John Cage, “Empty Words”
Man with Bags, by Eugène Ionesco

Sunday, November 21
4:00 Reception for Eugène Ionesco and Israel Horovitz (by invitation)

8:00 Man with Bags, Quartet