International Film Theory Conference VI: Cinema and Film: Conditions of Presence

March 19-21, 1980

with Dudley Andrew, Mary Ann Doane, Larry Crawford, Phillip Rosen, Douglas Gomery, Sally Potter, Jane Weinstock, Joan Copjec, Herbert Blau, Robert Nelson, Michael Budd, Steven Fagin, Jane Feuer, Teresa de Lauretis, Claire Johnston, Linda Williams, Michelle Citron, Jean-Louis Schefer, Abraham Polonsky, Don Druker, Charles Affron, Strother Purdy, Jane Gaines, Claire Pajaczkowska, Ivan Ward, Anthony McCall, Andrew Tyndall, Jane Weinstock, Maria-Antoinietta Macciocchi, Stephen Heath, John Brenkman, and Shoshana Felma, Maureen Turim

Cinema and Film Conference flyerMarch 19, 1980

Welcome: Thomas Ewens
Introduction: Patricia Mellencamp

Panel: “Identification”
Mary Ann Doane and Larry Crawford

Panel: “Reception”
Philip Rosen and Douglas Gomery

Panel: “Imaging/Identification”
Sally Potter, Jane Weinstock, and Joan Copjec

Herbert Blau: “Theater and Cinema: More of the Same”

Screening: California Stops and Passes, Pt I & II
Discussion with filmmaker Robert Nelson

Cinema and Film Conference flyer page 2March 20, 1980

Panel: “Identification”
Dennis Giles, Dudley Andrew, and Thomas Elsaesser

Panel: “Reception”
Michael Budd, Steven Fagin, and Jane Feuer

Panel: “Imaging”
Teresa de Lauretis and Claire Johnston

Screenings: Sigmund Freud’s Dora and Daughter Rite

Panel: “The Film Body”
Linda Williams

Jean-Louis Schefer: “The Ordinary Spectator”

Screening: Force of Evil
Discussion with filmmaker Abraham Polonsky

March 21, 1980

Panel: “The Film Body”
Charles Affron, Strother Purdy, and Jane Gaines

Panel: “Imaging”
Deborah Linderman and Maureen Turim

Panel: “Reception/Imaging”
Claire Pajaczkowska, Ivan Ward, Anthony McCall, Andrew Tyndall, and Jane Weinstock

Maria-Antonietta Macciocchi: “Politics and Spectacle”

Panel: “Politics of Subjectivity”
Stephen Heath, John Brenkman, Shoshana Felman, and Claire Johnston

List of Conference Screenings:
Cinema and Film Screening List