C21 Faculty Fellow Aneesh Aneesh Awarded a 2020-2021 Berggruen Fellowship

Aneesh AneeshCongratulations to current C21 Faculty Fellow Aneesh Aneesh for being selected for a 2020-2021 Berggruen Fellowship! The Berggruen Fellowship is administrated by the University of Southern California’s Berggruen Institute and is designed to “support inquiries that bring multicultural and interdisciplinary knowledge to questions of governance, of philosophy and culture, and of global restructuring.” Ten Berggruen Fellows are selected each year to pursue work related to the Institute’s focus on “Great Transformations” in one of four areas: Future of Capitalism, Globalization and Geopolitics, Transformations of the Human, and the Future of Democracy.

Congratulations Aneesh! Learn more about Aneesh Aneesh’s current research as a C21 Faculty Fellow.