2000s: War, Sovereignty, Gender, Space


Theme: Structures of Feeling: Passions, Emotions, Moods

Bruce Robbins, September 29, 2000
Lecture: “Feeling Global”

Catherine Lutz, October 13, 2000
Lecture: “Excessive States”

Charles Hallisey, October 27, 2000
Lecture: “The Silent Pull of Misery: Suffering as an Emotion”

Judith Fetterley, November 3, 2000
Lecture: “‘Close’ Reading, Emphatic Connection and Emotional Work”
Marjorie Pryse
Lecture: “Reparative Reading and the Textual Construction of Emotion”

Bernard Smith, November 7, 2000
Lecture: “Modernisms and the Formalesque”

Clotilde Calabi, November 17, 2000
Lecture: “The Justification of Emotions”

Alexis Brooks-De Vita, January 9, 2001
Lecture: “Mythatypes: Signatures and Signs of African/Diaspora and Black Goddesses”

Dave Clark, January 11, 2001
Lecture: “Writing (and) Corporate Growth: Texts and the ‘Technical/Social Split'”

Sandra Grayson, January 12, 2001
Lecture: “Metamorphosis of a Nation: Cities, Crisis, Change in Octavia E. Butler’s Earthseed Series”

Douglas Hesse, January 18, 2001
Lecture: “Who Owns Creative Non-fiction?”

Jessica Gienow-Hecht, March 9, 2001
Lecture: “‘Sound’ Diplomacy: Music and Politics in German-American Relations, 1870-1920”

Symposium: Just Feelings: Citizenship, Justice, and the Emotions, April 27-28, 2001
Susan Bandes, Dick Blau, Mark Bradley, Jane Caputi, Carrie Yang Costello, Ann Cvetkovich, Jane Gallop, Bernard Gendron, Alice Gillam, Lane Hall, Kristie Hamilton, Anne Hansen, John P. Jackson, Gregory Jay, Ingrid Jordt, Eduardo Kac, Gwynne Kennedy, Leerom Medovi, José Esteban Muñoz, Patrice Petro, William Reddy, Kevin Rozario, Kristin Ruggiero, Lisa Saltzman, Milette Shamir, Jennifer Travis, William Velez, Joan Wolf, Yuan Yuan


Theme: Transculturalism and the Ends of Community

Timothy Brennan, September 21, 2001
Lecture: “Avante-gardes, Communists, Colonies, and Culture: Antonio Gramsci and Postcolonial Theory”

Cecilia Vicuña, September 28, 2001
Lecture: “The Act as Poetry and Art”

Symposium: The Ends of Scientific Knowledge, October 19, 2001
with Joan Fujimura, Steve Fifield, Paul Brodwin

Mark Poster, November 5, 2001
Lecture: “Citizenship, New Media, and Globalization”

William Scheuerman, November 9, 2001
Lecture: “Globalization and the Fate of Law”

Symposium: The Roma (The Gypsies): Transculturalism Avant La Lettre, December 7, 2001
with Dick Blau, Ian Hancock, Charles Keil, Anya Verkhovskaya-Cohen

Sherman Alexie, February 20, 2002
Lecture: “Killing Indians: Myths, Lies, and Exaggerations”

Symposium: No Ends to Native Communities, February 21, 2002
with Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm, Gordan Henry, Simon Ortiz, Lavonne Ruoff

Symposium: Local and Transcultural Identities and Communities in the LGBT Past and Present, March 8, 2002
with James Green and Marc Stein

Veena Das, April 5, 2002
Lecture: “How the Body Speaks: Diagnostic Processes and Call to Community”

Symposium: The Globalization of Popular Music, April 12, 2002
with Steven Feld, Jocelyne Guilbault, Bernard Gendron

Coco Fusco, April 19, 2002
Lecture: “The Bodies That Were Not Ours: Writing on the Situation of Postcolonial Culture”


Theme: War

Center Newsletter: Fall 2002

Conference: 9/11 Reconstructions, Commemoration and the Urban Fabric, October 4-5, 2002
Stephen Toope, Sohail Hashmi, Michael Walzer, Henry Jenkins, Brigitte Nacos, Douglas Kellner, Sasha Torres, Michele Bogart, Kirk Savage, Shaila Dewan, Beth Fertig, Brooke Gladstone, Elaine Scarry

Symposium: War and Gender/Gender and War I, November 1, 2002
with Cynthia Enloe, Miriam Cooke, Paul Lerner

Michael GeyerMichael Geyer, November 15, 2002
Lecture: “Catastrophic Nationalism”

James Dawes, November 22, 2002
Seminar: “The Language of War”

Center Newsletter: Winter 2003

Symposium: The Presidency of Ronald Reagan, February 7, 2003
with William B. Turner, Fiona Wright, Glen Jeansonne, Robert Beck

Keller Easterling, February 21, 2003
Lecture: “Pirates and Errors”

Symposium: War and Gender/Gender and War II, March 6-7, 2003
with Susan Kent, Merry Wiesner-Hanks, Rose Daitsman, Jan Maher

Joshua Cole, April 2, 2003
Seminar: “Remembering Police Violence in Paris: 17 October 1961 in France and Algeria”

Christophe ProchassonChristophe Prochasson, April 3, 2003
Lecture: “‘True’ and ‘False’ in French War Narrative, 1930-1980”

Alma Guillermoprieto, April 10, 2003
Lecture: “Columbia: The Unbroken War”

Seminar: Speak-out on the War in Iraq, April 17, 2003

Terror and American Culture Mini-symposium, May 2, 2003
with Susan Lurie and Susan Jeffords

Center Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2003


Theme: Geographies of Difference

Center Newsletter: Fall 2003

Tyler Stovall, September 19, 2003
Lecture on black migration from the French Caribbean to France from 1848 to 1945

Xu Bing, October 7, 2003

David Harvey, October 13, 2003
Seminar and lecture: “The New Imperialism”

Fatimah Rony, October 24, 2003

Conference: Museums and Difference, November 14-15, 2003
with Ira Jacknis, Alice Conklin, Andrew McClellan, Anne Higonnet, Renée Green, Annie Coombes, Bettina Arnold, Nélia Dias, Lissant Bolton, Mark Sandberg, Daniel Sherman, Peter McIsaac, Norman Kleeblatt, Nicholas Thomas, Angus Lockyer, Leslie Bellavance, Robert Haywood, Andrew Kincaid, Tony Bennett, Christopher Steiner, William Truettner

Center Newsletter: Winter 2004

Mini-symposium: New European Frontiers, February 27, 2004
with Marc Abélès, Daphne Berdahl, and Laird Boswell

Lisa Lowe, March 12, 2004
Lecture: “The Intimacies of Four Continents”

Dipesh Chakrabarty, April 2, 2004
Lecture: “Poetry as Archive: A History of Romanticism”

Symposium: Colonial Cities, April 15-16, 2004
with Paula Sanders, Alejandra Osorio, Peter Zinoman, Peter Zinoman

James Ferguson, May 7, 2004
Lecture: “Globalizing Africa?”

Center Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2004


Theme: Geographies of Difference

Center Newsletter: Fall 2004

Irit Rogoff, September 10, 2004
Lecture: “Of Fear, Of Contact, Of Entanglement”

Paul Arthur, October 14, 2004

John Caldwell, October 15, 2004
Seminar and film screening: Rancho California (por favor)

Symposium: Multicultural Australia, October 29, 2004
with Patrice Petro, Ihab Hassan, Nicolas Jose, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Diane Bell, Elizabeth Povinelli, and Patricia O’Brien

Bonnie Smith, November 12, 2004
Seminar: “Global Trade Ideas”

Symposium: Imperial Cities, December 3, 2004
with Susan Alcock and Michael Herzfeld

Center Newsletter: Winter 2005

Le Mur screening and panel discussion, February 24-25, 2005
with Ussama Makdisi, Brian Edwards, and Tasha Oren

Symposium: Art and Public Space, March 4, 2005
with Siah Armajani and Sheba Chhachhi

Conference: Routing Diasporas: Labor, Citizenship, Empire, April 8 and 9, 2005
with Kristin Espinosa, Andrew Kincaid, Engseng Ho, Parama Roy, Jenny Sharpe, Rachel Buff, Betty Joseph, Todd Shepard, Martin Berger, Shelley Streeby, Julie Greene, Aihwa Ong, Marina Carter, Crispin Bates, Donald Nonini, Julius Scott, Thomas Malaby, Angel Adams Parham, Lok Siu. Organized by Sukanya Banerjee, Aims McGuinness, and Steve McKay

Haun Saussy, April 22, 2005
Lecture: “Death and Translation”

Center Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2005


Theme: States of Autonomy

Center Newsletter: Fall 2005

Jerome Schneewind, September 16, 2005
Lecture: “Autonomy and Its Histories”

Conference: Art of the State, October 21-22, 2005
with Siba Grovogui, Eileen Scully, Mark Philip Bradley, Martha Kaplan, John Kelly, Aida Hozic, Thomas Lamarre, Aims McGuinness, Fred Cooper, Kevin Dunn, Leonard Smith, David Tucker, Keith Brown, and Robert Ricigliano.
Organized by Douglas Howland and Luise White

N. Katherine Hayles, November 4, 2005
Lecture: “What Does Autonomy Mean in the Age of Nanotechnology”

Debra Satz, November 18, 2005
Lecture: “Learning as Equals”

James K.A. SmithJames K.A. Smith, December 2, 2005
Lecture: “Whose City? Which Freedom? Augustinian Reflections on Empire, the Market, and American Foreign Policy”

Center Newsletter: Winter 2006

Walid Raad, February 10, 2006
Multimedia presentation: “The Loudest Muttering Is Over: Documents from the Atlas Group Archive”

Christina Klein, March 10, 2006
Lecture: “Kung Fu Hustle and the Globalization of Asian Cinema”

Symposium: Art and Its Autonomies, March 31, 2006
with Debra Castillo, Jaqueline Francis, and Eric Michaud

Symposium: In/Dependence: Disability, Welfare, and Age, April 7, 2006
with Sanford Schram, Eva Feder Kittay, Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Atwood Gaines
Organized by Anne Basting and Andrea Westlund

Michael Willrich, May 5, 2006
Seminar: “Scars of Citizenship”

Center Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2006


Theme: Autonomy, Gender, and Performance

Center Newsletter: Fall 2006

2005-06 Center Fellows’ Presentations: “The Body: Locating Autonomy” and Annual Center Open House, September 15, 2006
with Susan Funkenstein, Ellen Amster, Jasmine Alinder, Melanie Mariño, John McGuigan, and K.E. Supriya

Amanda Anderson, September 29, 2006
Lecture: “Argument, Autonomy, and the Novel”

Stephen Darwall, October 20, 2006
Lecture: “Autonomy, Respect, and Mutual Accountability”

David Román, October 27, 2006
Lecture: “A Streetcar Named Deseo”

Symposium: Conversion Tales: Missionaries, Mary Magdalene, and Catholic Culture, November 10, 2006
with Jodi Bilinkoff and Elizabeth Rhodes

Philip Auslander, December 1, 2006
Lecture : “Suzi Quatro Wants to be Your Man: Female Masculinity in Glam Rock ”

Center Newsletter: Winter 2007

Janice Boddy, January 26, 2007
Lecture: “Autonomy and the Pull of Convention: Colonial Efforts to Stop Female Circumcision”

Michelle Matlock, February 23, 2007
Performance: “The Mammy Project”

Symposium: Performative Autonomy and the Embodied Past, March 9, 2007
with Pamela Brown and Susan Cook

Lisa Nakamura, March 30, 2007
Lecture: “The Terrorist Look: Biometric Screens, Race, and the Digital Sublime”

Elizabeth Whitney, April 20, 2007
Performance: “Wonder Woman: The Musical”

Conference: In Terms of Gender: Crosscultural and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, May 4-5, 2007
with Lynne Huffer, Gayle Salamon, Carol Quillen, Mrinalini Sinha, Elizabeth Weed, Judith Butler, Éric Fassin, Elora Shehabuddin, Jeff Nunokawa, Mary Sheriff, Janice Bergman-Carton, Mary Ann Doane, Joan Scott, Jane Gallop, Wendy Brown
Organized by Daniel J. Sherman and Mary Louise Roberts

Center Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2007


Theme: Past Knowing

Center Newsletter: Fall 2007

Disciplinary Dialogue: Toward a New Human Universal, September 7, 2007
with Keith Hart and Ralph Litzinger

2006-07 Center Fellows’ Presentations and Annual Center Open House, September 28, 2007

Symposium: Past Knowing / Future Knowledge: Archaeology and Museums in the 21st Century, October 12, 2007
with Carla Antonaccio, Susanne Ebbinghaus, Geoff Emberling, Virginia Fields, Patty Gerstenblith
Organized by Daniel Sherman and Jane Waldbaum

Disciplinary Dialogue: The Tenses of Historicism, October 26, 2007
with Helena Michie, J. David Hoeveler, and Jason Puskar

Gwendolyn Wright, November 16, 2007
Lecture:”Excavating American Modern Architecture”

Symposium: The Historical Arc of the Commons: Past and Residual Commons in Contemporary Commons Activism
December 7, 2007
with Christopher Baruth, Daniel J. Sherman, Peter Linebaugh, Keith Aoki, David Bollier, Bernard Perley, Will Allen, Julilly Kohler, Melissa Scanlan, Vel Willey
Organized by Kathryn Milun and Rachel Ida Buff

Center Newsletter: Winter 2008

David HDavid Halperinalperin, February 15, 2008
Lecture: “Tragedy Into Melodrama: Towards a Poetics of Gay Male Culture”

Pablo Boczkowski, February 29, 2008
Lecture: “Past Knowing?: The Practice and Infrastructure of Imitation in Contemporary News Work”

Seminar: Past Anatomy: Figures of Salvage and Transformations in the Body Worlds Exhibitions, March 14, 2008
with Peter McIsaac

Disciplinary Dialogue: Neomedievalism and the Church of Theory: Academic Prose from the Cold War to the War on Terror
March 28, 2008
with Bruce Holsinger and Gabrielle Spiegel

Symposium: Picturing the Modern: Photography, Film, and Society in Central Europe, 1918-1945, April 3-4, 2008
with David Frey, Elizabeth Otto, Anson Rabinbach, Lisa Silverman, Petr Szczepanik, Matthew Witkovsky
Organized by Daniel J. Sherman and Lisa Hostetler

Andrew Hemingway, April 18, 2008
Lecture: “Precisionist Painting and Critical Art History’s Dilemma:
Aesthetics and the Limits of Historical Meaning”

Thomas Keenan, May 1, 2008
Lecture: “The Death of Politics? Human Rights, New Public Spheres, and the Jihad”
with a comment by Samuel Weber

Center Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2008


Theme: Past Knowing

Center Newsletter: Fall 2008

2007-08 Fellows Presentations, September 19, 2008
with Michelle Bolduc, Barrett Kalter, Christina Maranci, and Caroline Seymour-Jorn

George Wilson, September 26, 2008
Film screening: The Man Who Wasn’t There
Lecture: “Love and Bullshit in Santa Rosa: On the Coen Brothers’ The Man Who Wasn’t There”

Monique BuzzartéMonique Buzzarté, October 9, 2008
Lecture/recital, trombone and live processing: “Here Right Now: Live Processing and Improvisation (Where the Present is the Future and the Future is the Past)”

Conference: Since 1968: A Center for 21st Century Studies 40th Anniversary Conference, October 23-25, 2008
with James Ferguson, Carolee Schneemann, Noit Banai, Martin Berger, Judit Bodnar, Julian Bourg, Rose Brewer, Yoshikuni Igarashi, Michelle Kuo, Richard Langston, Tamara Levitz, Simon Prince, Ann Reynolds, Robert Self, Dina Mahnz Siddiqi, Carol Siegel, Jeremi Suri, Mark Tribe, Fred Turner, Kath Weston.
Organized by Jasmine Alinder, Aneesh Aneesh, Kumkum Sangari, Daniel J. Sherman, and Ruud van Dijk

Jean Comaroff, November 7, 2008
Lecture: “The Politics of Conviction: Faith in the Neoliberal Frontier”

Charles Bosk, November 20-21, 2008
Lecture: “Forgive and Remember: Reflections on Doctors and Mistakes”
Brown Bag Discussion

Center Newsletter: Winter 2009

Paul Arthur, May 1, 2009
Lecture: “Database History: New Designs on the Past”

Center Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2009


Center Newsletter: Fall 2009

Robert S. Mattison, September 16, 2009
Lecture: “Whatever Is There Is a Truth: Robert Rauschenberg’s Prints”
Co-sponsored by Marquette University’s Haggerty Museum of Art

Glenn Hendler, September 24, 2009
Lecture: “Riot Acts”

2008-09 Fellows Presentations, September 25, 2009
Thomas Haigh (SOIS), Lisa Silverman (History), and Florence Vatan (FICL)

Whitney Davis, October 16, 2009
Lecture: “Virtuality and Metaopticality”

Screening: Fig Trees, October 18, 2009
Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival

Symposium: Representing the Detained, October 30, 2009
Legal and literary representations of immigrant detainees
Presenters: Davorin J. Odrcic (immigration attorney) and Kristin Pitt (UWM, Comp Lit) Moderator: Rachel I. Buff (UWM, History)

Dell Upton, November 13, 2009
Lecture: “The Public Realm in the American City: Conflict, Imagination, and Demeanor”

Bruce d’Arcus and Joseph Masco, November 20, 2009
Symposium: “Space, Power, and Fear in Modern America”

Fall 2009 Humanities Dissertator Presentations, December 4, 2009
Kate Haffey (Literary Studies, English), Susan Kerns (Modern Studies, English), and Brice Smith (Modern Studies, History)

Margaret Atherton, Robert Schwartz, Mitch Brauner, Carlos Galvao-Sobrinho, December 11, 2009
Symposium: “In Time/Beyond Time”

Center Newsletter: Winter 2010

Matthew Coolidge, February 12, 2010
Lecture: “Monuments of Disintegration”

Jeffrey Wasserstrom, February 26, 2010
Lecture: “Shanghai and the History of the Future”

Antoinette Burton, March 11, 2010
Lecture: “‘Every Secret Thing?’ Racial Politics in Ansuyah R. Singh’s Behold the Earth Mourns (1960)”

What is the Place of Public Scholarship?, March 12, 2010
Cheryl Ajirotutu (Anthropology; Associate Director, Cultures and Communities Program), Jasmine Alinder (History; Co-coordinator, Public History), Gregory S. Jay (English; Director, Cultures and Communities Program), and Center deputy director Kate Kramer

Barney Warf, April 2, 2010
Lecture: “Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Geographical Imaginations”

Tara McPherson, April 9, 2010
Lecture: “Animating the Archive: Vectors and Other Experiments in Scholarly Publishing”

C21 Annual Panel on Academic Publishing, April 16, 2010

Spring 2010 Humanities Dissertator Presentations Dissertators, April 16, 2010
Diana Belscamper, Daniel Brown, and Donte McFadden

DEBT, April 29 – May 1, 2010
A Center for 21st Century Studies international conference
Keynote by Michael A. Gillespie. Installation and Performance by Theaster Gates: “To Speculate Darkly: Theaster Gates and Dave the Potter.” With Morris Berman, Gerry Canavan, Eleanor Courtemanche, Kennan R. Ferguson, Stephen Gardner, Donald D. Hester, Elaine Lewinnek, Joel Magnuson, Mary Poovey, Steven Shaviro, Genese Sodikoff, Michael Tratner, Julianne Lutz Warren, and Richard Wolff

Center Newsletter: Spring/Summer 2010


Center Archive

1968: The Center’s Founding

1970s: Film, Performance, Language, and Technology

1980s: Feminism, Modernism, and Culture

1990s: Culture, Aesthetics, Aging, and Animals

2010s: The Digital, Nonhuman Turn, Anthropocene, Indigeneities