1990s: Culture, Aesthetics, Aging, and Animals


Theme: Materializing Culture

Angela McRobbie, September 18, 1990
Open Discussion: “New Times in Cultural Studies”

Conference: On Fashion, September 21, 1990
Angela McRobbie and Jane Gaines

Teresa de Lauretis, September 27, 1990
Lecture: “Film and the Primal Fantasy – One More Time”

Benjamin Buchloh, October 12, 1990
Lecture: “From Collage to Décollage/From Detail to Fragment”

Edward SojaEdward Soja, October 26, 1990
Lecture: “Postmodern Geographies and the Materialization of Culture”

Research Seminar: Materializing Culture, November 2, 1990
with presentations by Phyllis Rackin and Gwynne Kennedy

Beatriz Colomina, November 16, 1990
Lecture: “About Windows: The Architecture of the Media”

Conference: Adorno and Music, November 30, 1990
Bernard Gendron, Robert Hullot-Kentor, Mia Carter, Jamie Owen Daniel, Ulrich Schoenherr, Marcus Bullock, Miriam Hansen, Loren Kruger, Yehuda Yannay

Walter MignoloWalter Mignolo, January 25, 1991
Lecture: “Maps and the Colonization of Space”

Yevgeny Yevtushenko and James Ragan, April 3, 1991
Lecture: “Poetry and Politics”

Elizabeth Long, February 15, 1991
Lecture: “Between Public Culture and Private Lives: Women’s Reading Groups and the Making of the Middle Classes”

Conference: Displacements: Cultural Identities in Question, April 4-5, 1991
Leslie Adelson, Angelika Bammer, Marcus Bullock, Elaine Chang, Rey Chow, Brian Doherty, Jane Gallop, Cheryl Johnson, Ronald Judy, Mary Layoun, Martine Meyer, Kathryn Milun, Panivong Norindr, Aine O’Brien, Patrice Petro, Robin Pickering-Iazzi, Roby Rajan, Julio Ramos, Karen Remmler, Sheila Roberts, Rolando Romero, Heidrun Suhr, Carol Tennessen, David Wallace, William Washabaugh, Kathleen Woodward, Pemina Yellow Bird, Yuan Yuan

Catherine Belsey, April 9, 1991
Lecture: “Reading Love Stories”

Marianne McDonald, April 16, 1991
Lecture: Sun to Spotlight: Ancient Greek Tragedy in Modern Plays”

NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers: Performance Theory: Modern Drama and Postmodern Theater, June 17-August 9, 1991
Director: Herbert Blau


Theme: Visual Culture

Norman Bryson, September 20, 1991
Lecture: “Art History and ‘the Gaze’”

Susan Manning, October 4, 1991
Lecture: “Feminism and Nationalism in Modern Dance: Mary Wigman in Germany and the United States”

Herbert Grabes, October 17, 1991
Lecture: “The Revival of the Sublime and Recent Aesthetics”

W. J. T. MitchellW.J.T. Mitchell, October 25, 1991
Lecture: “Picture Theory”

Mike Featherstone, November 7, 1991
Lecture: “The Heroic Life and Everyday Life”

Edwin London and Yehuda Yannay, November 8, 1991
Lecture and Performance: “When the Eyes Hear Music, the Ears See the Light”

Stephen Bann, November 19 and 22, 1991
Open Discussion
Lecture: “The Framing of Material: Around Degas’s Bureau de Coton”

Jaroslav Macháček, November 21, 1991
Lecture: “Repression, Revolution, and Higher Education: The Case of Czechoslavakia”

David Bordwell, December 6, 1991
Lecture: “Codes, Construction, and Cinematic Vision”

Anthony Vidler, February 21, 1992
Lecture: “Psychopathologies of Modern Space”

Chris Bratton, February 28, 1992
Video/Presentation: “ ‘The Infinite Din of Their Amateur Judgments’: Documentary Forms and Educational Activism”

Rey Chow, March 10 & 13, 1992
Seminar: “The Question of the Subaltern in the American Academy”
Lecture: “The Forces of Surfaces: Remarks on Contemporary Chinese Cinema”

Marianne Hirsch, March 27, 1992
Lecture: “Family Pictures: Photography and Narratives of Loss”

Conference: Visual Culture: Film/Photography/History, April 23-25, 1992
Herbert Blau, Edward Buscombe, Philippe Dubois, Tom Gunning, Miriam Hansen, Lynne Kirby, Patricia Mellencamp, Patrice Petro, Griselda Pollock, Eric Rentschler, Allan Sekula, Abigail Solomon-Godeau, Sally Stein, John Tagg, Linda Williams, Charles Wolfe

Jonathan Coleman, May 1, 1992
Lecture: “The Art and Responsibility of Literary Journalism”


Theme: Public Private Matters

Nancy Miller, September 18, 1992
Lecture: “Our Classes, Ourselves”

Sarah Hanley, October 2, 1992
Lecture: “‘Uneasy States’: Politics and Gender in Early Modern France, 1500-1789”

Mary Louise Pratt, October 22, 1992
Lecture: “Decolonizing Theory:…”

Panel: Beyond Exile: Intellectuals Abroad, October 23, 1992
with Ackbar Abbas, Ihab Hassan, Rajagopalan Radhakrishnan

Nancy Fraser, October 30, 1992
Lecture: “Decoding ‘Dependency’: A Genealogy of a Keyword of the Welfare State”

Andrew Hook, November 6, 1992
Lecture: “Scotland and the Invention of the USA: The Reception of Gary Will’s Inventing America”

Sally Mann, November 13, 1992
Lecture: “Immediate Family”

Marilyn Hacker, December 4, 1992

Panel: Questioning Public and Private: A Point of Interdisciplinary Contact?, February 5, 1993
with Paul Brodwin, Kristie Hamilton, and Sylvia Schafer

Anthony Leo Geist, February 12, 1993
Lecture: “The Muse of Democracy: Modernism and Postmodernism in Spanish Poetry after Franco”

Gilbert Herdt, February 19, 1993
Lecture: “Public, Private, and Secret: Secrecy and Individual Rights in Society”

Marge Piercy and Ira Wood, March 9, 1993

George Chauncey, March 26, 1993
Lecture: “Rethinking the History of the Closet”

Conference: Pedagogy: The Question of the Personal, April 15-17, 1993
Arthur Frank, Jane Gallop, Madeleine Grumet, Gregory Jay, Cheryl Johnson, Lynne Joyrich, Indira Karamcheti, Kate Kramer, Joseph Litvak, Susan Lowry, Susan Miller, George Otte, Jo Anne Pagano, Sylvia Schafer, Naomi Scheman, Roger Simon, Sharon Sharon Traweek, Miriam Wallace, Sandra Bartky, Pamela Caughie, Alice Gillam, Lynn Worsham, Mary Louise Buley-Meissner, Susan Stanford Friedman, Patrocinio Schweickart

Martha Fineman, April 30, 1993
Lecture: “Feminism and the Regulation of Families”


Theme: Aesthetics/Anti-Aesthetics

Mark Tansey, September 10, 1993
Lecture: “Image and Idea”

Susan McClary, September 17, 1993
Lecture: “Does Gender Matter? Theorizing Music by Women Composers”
Robert A. Walser
Lecture: “Clamor and Community in Hip Hop Music”

Tricia Rose, October 8, 1993
Lecture: “Soul Sonic Forces:
Technology, Orality, and Black Cultural Practice in Rap Music”

Leo Bersani, October 29, 1993
Lecture: “Arts of Impoverishment”
Christopher Lane
Lecture: “Giacometti’s Immanence and the Anorexic Body”

John McPhee, November 3, 1993
Reading, with Yolanda McPhee

Alexander Nehamas, November 12, 1993
Lecture: “What Should We Expect from Reading? (There Are Only Aesthetic Values)”

Mary Kelly, November 19, 1993
Lecture: “Gloria Patri: On Display”

Faye Ginsburg, December 3, 1993
Lecture: “Indigenous Media in the Late Twentieth Century: ‘Bad Home Movies’ or the Aesthetics of Identity?”

Panel: Studies in Musical Culture 3, January 28, 1994
with Susan Cook, Bernard Gendron, and James Miller

Performance: Jacob’s Room, February 2-3, 1994
A chamber opera by Morton Subotnick
Directed by Herbert Blau

Manthia Diawara, February 4, 1994
Lecture: “The City in African Film”

Andreas Huyssen, February 8 & 11, 1994
Seminar: “Fascism and Aesthetics”
Lecture: “The Museums as Mass Media”

Judith Fetterley, March 4, 1994
Lecture: “‘Not in the Least American’: The Case of Nineteenth-Century Literary Regionalism”

Conference on Rigoberta Menchú, March 25, 1994

Coco Fusco, April 15, 1994
Screening: The Couple in the Cage

Tracey Moffatt, April 15, 1994
Screening: Bedevil

Hal Foster, April 22, 1994
Lecture: Prosthetic Gods”


Theme: Claims of Ethics

Alison Jaggar, September 30, 1994
Lecture: “Towards a Feminist Conception of Moral Reasoning”

Julie Ellison
Lecture: “The History of Liberal Guilt”

Toby Miller, October 13, 1994
Lecture: “Historical Citizenship and the Fremantle Prison Follies: Frederick Wiseman Comes to Western Australia”

Barbara Stafford, October 28, 1994
Lecture: “The Aesthetics of Medical Ethics”

Lee Edelman, December 2, 1994
Lecture: “The Ethics of Enjoyment: Queering Queer Nationalism”

Anson Rabinbach, February 1, 1995
Lecture: “Metaphors of the Industrial Body: Beyond the Work Centered Society”

Alexander Gelley, February 13, 1995
Lecture: “Artwork, Commodity, Fetish: Contexts of the ‘Aesthetic’ in Walter Benjamin”

Alan Aycock, February 22, 1995
Informal Research Seminar, “on Foucault and the Internet”

Peter Winch, March 3, 1995
Lecture: “Can We Understand Ourselves?”

Arthur Kleinman
Lecture: “The Anthropology of Medical Ethics”

Henri Cole, March 22, 1995
Reading: The Look of Things (1995)

Duncan Kennedy, March 24, 1995
Lecture: “The Judicial Icon”

Cornel West, March 29, 1995
Lecture: “Race Matters”

Marilyn Hacker, April 12, 1995
Reading: Winter Numbers and Selected Poems

Conference: José Martí, 1895-1995: A Re-Evaluation, April 21, 1995

Arjun Appadurai, April 28, 1995
Lecture, “Sovereignty, Rights and Territory: Notes for a Postnational Geography”


Theme: Age Studies

STELARC, September 29, 1995
Lecture and demonstration

Sumita Chakravarty, October 6, 1995
Lecture: “The Erotics of History: Representing the Third World (as) Body in Film and Literature”

Lawrence Cohen, October 20, 1995
Lecture: “The Age of Things: Notes on the Body in Time”

Isaac Julien, October 27, 1995
Screening and discussion

Susan Squier, November 10, 1995
Lecture: “Reproductive Technologies and the New Fetal/Maternal Relation”

Thomas R. Cole, December 1, 1995
Lecture: “Aging, Life History and Madness: A Case of Historical Recovery”

Margaret Lock, February 9, 1996
Lecture: “Disputing the Rhetoric of Risk: Women Aging in Japan and North America”

David William Foster, February 15, 1996
Lecture: “Hispanic Gay Literature”

Richard Rorty, February 16, 1996
Lecture: “The Intellectuals and the Poor”

Evan Carton, March 1, 1996
Lecture: “‘Nous sommes tous des Juifs allemands’: The Holocaust, French Poststructuralist Theory, and the American Literary Academy”

Anne Balsamo, March 28, 1996
Lecture: “Science, Technology, and Culture: Popular Knowledges and Forms of Institutionalization”

Homi K. Bhabha, March 29, 1996
Lecture: “Nation and Narration, revisited”

Conference: Women & Aging: Bodies, Cultures, Generations, April 18-20, 1996
Nancy K. Miller, Mary Russo, Stephen Katz, Susan Squier, E. Ann Kaplan, Anne Davis Basting, Virginia Blum, Glenda Laws, Rebecca Wepsic, Charlotte H. Wellman, Elisia Facio, Marie-Claire Pasquier, Margaret Morganroth Gullette, Joanne M. Braxton, Joanna Frueh, Vivian Sobchack, Patricia Mellencamp, Ayisha Abraham, Jodi Brooks, Anca Cristofovici, Nancy Backes, Bethany Ladimer, Christiane Orcel, Teresa Mangum, Deborah Owen, Robin Pickering-Iazzi, Elinor Fuchs, Susan Cole, Christine T. Lowery, Kathleen Woodward, Teresa Brennan, Jacqueline Hayden, Cecelia Condit, Dick Blau, Rachel Rosenthal, W. Andrew Achenbaum, Ana Zahira Bassit, Mike Featherstone, Hilary Harris, Susan Heidrich, Melinda Heywood, Sharon Keigher, Laura Stempel Mumford, Diane Rothenberg, Anne M. Wyatt-Brown

Tania Modleski, April 26, 1996
Lecture: “Gender and the Genre Film”


Theme: Technology, Culture, and the Body

Judith Halberstam, September 20, 1996
Lecture: “Technologies of Masculinity: A Short History of Male Impersonation”

Randy Bass, September 26, 1996
Lecture: “The Virtual, the Local, the Story, and Its Archive”

David Arnold, October 4, 1996
Lecture: Inventing the Tropics: Empire, Medicine, and Environment”

Nguyen Huy Thiep, October 18, 1996
Talk: “Viet History and Vietnamese Literature”

Steven Conner, October 23, 1996
Lecture: “Voice, Technology, and the Ventriloquial Sensorium”

Jerome McGann, October 25, 1996
Lecture: “Bodies Electric; or, The Modern Scholarly Prometheus (Our Hideous Progeny)”

Gabriele Schwab, October 28, 1996
Lecture: “Imaginary Ethnographies: The Anthropological Turn in Literary Studies”

Simon Penny, November 15, 1996
Lecture: “Body Knowledge, Digital Prostheses and Cognitive Diversity”

Jane Gallop, November 22, 1996
Lecture: “Sexual Harassment and Intellectual Inquiry: A Case Study”

Barbara Katz Rothman, December 6, 1996
Lecture: “Spoiling the Pregnancy: Introducing Prenatal Diagnosis to the Netherlands”

Debate: The Gay Scene, January 31, 1997
with Christopher Lane, J. Michael Bailey, Daryl J. Bem
Resondent: Jeff King

Ihab Hassan, February 14, 1997
Lecture: “Between Nihilism and Belief: Spirit in Postmodern Times”

Margaret Morse, February 28, 1997
Lecture: “Eloquent Blood: Bodies in Thought”

Martina  Lopez, March 13, 1997
Lecture: “A Visual Diary”

Judith Roof, March 14, 1997
Lecture: “Close Encounters: Baseball, Aliens, and Thelma and Louise”

Candace Vogler, April 4, 1997
Lecture: “Bad Bodies: The Strange North American Obsession with Female Fat”

Esther Parada, April 10
Lecture: “…To Make All Mankind Aquaintances”

Alan Nadel, April 11, 1997
Lecture: “Black Bodies in White Space: Rodney King and The Fugitive (Slave)”

Conference: Biotechnology, Culture, and the Body, April 24-26, 1997
Eric Avery, Paul Brodwin, Lisa Cartwright, Sarah Davies Cordova, Thomas Csordas, Richard Doyle, Michael M. J. Fischer, Jane Gallop, Pamela Gilbert, Marshall Goodman, Gillian Goslinga, Deborah Grayson, Donald Joralemon, Hannah Landecker, Thomas Laqueuer, Sandra Soo Jin Lee, Helen Longino, Mary Mahowald, Patricia Marshall, Ellen McCallum, Robert M. Nelson, Panivong Norindr, Jane Petro, Lily Pink, Karen Riggs, Caroline Seymour-Jorn, Susan Squier, Janelle Taylor, José Van Dijck, William Van Pelt, Angela Wall, Alice Wexler, Kathleen Woodward

Art Installation: The Lost Art of Healing, April 24-May 18, 1997
Eric Avery, Jane Petro, and Lily Pink


Theme: Exhibiting Culture

David Marriott, September 5, 1997
Lecture: “Black War Machines: From Racial Prosthetics to Black Hypochondria”

Leni Hoffmann, September 22, 1997
Lecture: “Exhibiting Culture”

Fran Bartkowski, September 26, 1997
Lecture: “Kissing Cousins: Bonobos in our Midst”

Yvonne Rainer, October 11, 1997
Screening and discussion: Murder and murder

Herbert Blau, October 17, 1997
Lecture: “Troubling over Appearances”

Dalia Bellavance, November 3, 1997
Lecture: “Book Culture”

Daniel J. Sherman, November 14, 1997
Lecture: “Seeing the Signified: Art, Memory, and Representation in France after World War I”

Catherine Elgin, November 21, 1997
Lecture: “Creation as Reconfiguration”

Tony Tasset, Janurary 23, 1998

W.J.T Mitchell, February 6, 1998
Lecture: “Paleoart, Or How the Dinosaurs Broke into MoMA”

Jane Desmond, February 20, 1998
Lecture: “Picturing Hawai’i: The ‘Ideal’ Native and the Origins of Tourism (1880-1915)”

Andrew Ross, March 24, 1998
Lecture: “Living with the Disney Mouse: A Report from Celebration, Fla.”

Mark Meadow, April 3, 1998
Lecture: “Microcosms: Objects of Knowledge (A University Collects)”

Conference: Public Showing, April 16-18, 1998
Felix Angel, Doug Ashford, Herbert Blau, Mark Bradley, Jamie Owen Daniel, Rebecca J. DeRoo, Gail Dubrow, Claire F. Fox, Jane Gallop, Maria Gough, The Guerrilla Girls, Jacqueline Hayden, Carla I. Corbin, Lawrence Hoey, Michelle S. Johnson, Catherine Lord, Roxana Marcoci, Loren Mayor, Pedro Meyer, Arvind Rajagopal, Jock Reynolds, Suzanne Hellmuth, Mark B. Sandberg, Marcia Tucker, Paul Vanouse, Steffi Domike, Michael Mateas, Deborah Willis, James E. Young. Organized by Leslie Bellavance and Marina Pérez de Mendiola


Theme: Cultures of Knowledge

Rey Chow, September 11, 1998
Lecture: “The Study of China in the Age of Theory”

Robert N. Butler, September 25, 1998
Lecture: “Life in an Older America: The 21st Century”

Mary Poovey, October 9, 1998
Lecture: Writing a History of the Modern Fact: Some Reflections on Epistemological History”

Richard Ohmann, October 23, 1998
Lecture: “What’s Happening to Our Class? Can History Tell?”
respondants: Jennifer Maher and Richard Nanian

Paul Rabinow, October 30, 1998
Lecture: “French DNA”

Yvonne Spielmann, November 2, 1998
Lecture: “Imaging in Electronic Media”

Louise Antony, November 13, 1998
Lecture: “Objectivity In Situ”
Sally Haslanger
Lecture: “Defining Knowledge: Feminist Politics and Normative Epistemology”

Anne Higonnet, February 11, 1999
Lecture: “Childhood, Sentimentality, and Scandal”

Workshop: Anthropology, Genetic Diversity, and Ethics, February 12-13, 1999
Mike Bamshad, Frank Dukepoo, Morris Foster, Jonathan Friedlaender, Henry Greely, Lynn Jorde, Eric Juengst, Frederika Kaestle, Jeffrey Long, Alice Martin, J.M. Naidu, Dennis O’Rourke, Charmaine Royal
Organized by Trudy Turner

Gayatri Spivak, March 24, 1999
A question and answer session

Monica Garbowska, March 26, 1999
Lecture: “Victims, Witnesses, Observers:
Responses to the Holocaust in Polish and American Literature”
Respondents: Daniel Listoe and Gary Weissman

Anne Davis Basting and Dick Blau, April 23, 1999
Lecture: “Time Slips: Storytelling with People with Alzheimer’s”

Conference: Knowing Mass Culture/Mediating Knowledge, April 29-May 1, 1999
Rachel Adams, Paula Amad, Mark Amerika, Jack Bratich, Susan Burgess, John Caldwell, Elizabeth Coffman, Michelle Glaros, Lawrence Cohen, Roderick Coover, Susan Courtney, David Crane, John Di Stefano, Mary Ann Doane, M. Flanagan, Bernard Gendron, Jill Godmilow, Herman Gray, Mark Hansen, Amelie Hastie, Gina Hausknecht, James Hay, Lynne Joyrich, Cheryl Knott Malone, Robert McChesney, Patricia Mellencamp, Constance Penley, James Schwoch, Mehdi Semati, Mimi White, Mark Williams, Stephen Wilson
Organized by Lynne Joyrich


Theme: Representing Animals

Harriet Ritvo, September 24, 1999
Lecture: “Connecting with Animals”

Andrew Ross, October 1, 1999
Lecture: “Living with the Mouse: A Report from Celebration, Fla.”

Barbara Herrnstein Smith, October 8, 1999
Lecture: “Animal Relatives, Difficult Relations”

George Gittoes, October 12, 1999
Lecture: “Art and Atrocity”

Akira Mizuta Lippit, November 12, 1999
Lecture: “Electric Animal: Ontology, Psyche, Film and Wild Technology”

Kari Weil, November 19, 1999
Lecture: “Purebreds and Amazons: Saying Things with Horses in Nineteenth-Century France”

John Haugeland, December 3, 1999
Lecture: “The Meaning of Life: How People Differ from (Other) Animals”

Art Exhibit, March 4-31, 2000
by Dick Blau and Beth Thielen

Roundtable Discussion: Is There an Art to Healthcare?, March 29, 2000

Play: Time Slips, May 12-20, 2000
written by Anne Basting
directed by Gülgün Kayim

Conference: Representing Animals, April 13-15, 2000
Mark Alvey, Steve Baker, Mary Benbow, Charles Bergman, Marcus Bullock, Jonathan Burt, Yoram Carmeli, Cynthia Chris, Lisa Coulthard, Janet Davis, Jane Desmond, Helene Dwyer, Elizabeth Frank, Erika Fudge, Katherine Grier, Lane Hall, Masumi Iriye, Andrew Isenberg, Kathleen Kete, Alphonso Lingis, Garry Marvin, Susan McHugh, Robert McKay, Clay McShane, Brett Mizelle, Frank Noelker, Jennifer Price, Walter Putnam, Karen Rader, Alan Read, Louise Robbins, Sheila Roberts, Nigel Rothfels, Stephanie Rowe, Jo-Ann Shelton, Joel Snyder, Karen Warren, Andrzej Wisniewski, Paul Young
Organized by Nigel Rothfels and Andrew Isenberg


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