1980s: Feminism, Modernism, and Culture


Stanley Hauerwas, September 19, 1980
Lecture: “Communities of Character: Human Nature as History”

Stanley Fish, September 22-23, 1980
Lecture: “Communities of Interpretation, or What Makes and Interpretation Acceptable”
Seminar: “Short People Got No Reason To Live, or How to Recognize an Irony When You See One”

Marvin Bell, September 24, 1980
Seminar: “Poetry & Character”

Jacques Schott, September 29 – October 9, 1980
Lectures and Seminars: Character and the Madness of Man: A Path-Analysis of the Human Condition

Richard Palmer, Oct 15 & 22, 1980
Lecture: “Heidegger and the Redefinition of Interpretation”
Lecture: “Heidegger and the Redefinition of Language”

Gary Snyder, October 17, 1980
Talk & Poetry Reading

Susan Miller, October 27, 1980
Lecture: “Rhetorical Ethos: Language & Morality”

Roland Stromberg, November 5, 1980
Lecture: “When Human Character Changed: The 1910 Revolution in Consciousness”

Stephen Watson, December 10, 1980
Lecture: “Reason and Interpretation: On the Deconstruction of Hermenuetic Strategies”

Anson Rabinbach, December 12, 1980
Lecture: “The Age of Exhaustion: Energy and Fatigue at the End of the 19th Century”

Michael Kraft, February 19, 1981
Lecture: “Hannah Arendt’s Thinking”

Robert Plant Armstrong, February 23-25, 1981
Lecture: “The Temporal Dimension”
Lecture: “The Spatial Dimension”
Lecture: “The Cultural Dimension”

Ernie DeMaio, February 25, 1981
Lecture: “Robots – Gravediggers of Capitalism”

Yehuda Yannay, March 2, 1981
Lecture: “Contemporary Music and Ideas: The Composer’s Milieu”

Jerre Mangione, March 9-12, 1981
Lecture: “The Fate of the Urban Ethnic”
Lecture: “The Writer’s Project: A Portrait of America”
Seminar: “Italians in America 1880-1980: Research in Progress”
Lecture: “Process of Creativity”

Iring Fetscher, March 13, 1981
Lecture: “Socialism and Ecology”

Mark Poster, March 16, 1981
Lecture: “Foucault, Marx, History”

Jane Hood, March 16, 1981
Lecture: “My Uncle EAP: Industrial Social Welfare Programs and the Family”

Rene Bravmann, March 17, 1981
Lecture: “Syncretism in Black Art and Thought”

Robert Bellah, March 18, 1981
Lecture: “Character and Commitment in Contemporary America”

Judith Bettelheim, March 19, 1981
Lecture: “Caribbean Masquerades”

Annette Macdonald, March 26, 1981
Lecture: “Haitian Dance”

William W. Cook, March 31, 1981
Lecture: “Haitian Literature and Voodoo”

Pierre Monosiet, April 2, 1981
Lecture: “Beginnings of a ‘New Art’ in Haiti”

Robert Faris Thompson, April 10, 1981
Lecture: “Vodun! The Blending of Africa and France in the Making of Hatian Art and Thought”


Régis Durand, September 18, 1981
Colloquium: “Donald Barthelme”

International Symposium: Innovation and Renovation in Western Culture
September 22-25, 1981
with Thomas Bontly, Walter Abish, Malcolm Bradbury, Michael DeGuy, Samuel Delany, Raymond Federman, Didier Coste, Ann Douglas, Berndt Ostendorf, Helen Fehervary, Kathleen Woodward, Rachel Skalitzky, Betsy Draine, Rüdiger Kunow, Paul Levine, Malcolm Bradbury, Richard Martin, Klaus Poenicke, Campbell Tatham, Heide Ziegler, Gerhard Hoffman, Bernard Bergonzi, Iwao Iwamato, Jerome Klinkowitz, Marie-Rose Logan, Manfred Pütz, Wayne Booth, Ihab Hassan, and Christopher Butler

Langdon Winner, September 28, 1981
Lecture: “Silk Purse or Sow’s Ear? Political Choices in Solar Energy”

Hazel Henderson, October 14, 1981
Lecture: “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Awakening from the Technological Trance”

Dore Ashton, October 16, 1981
Lecture: “On the Theme of the Artist & His Audience”
Panel: “Questions of Audience”
With Tom Ewens, Luis Eades, Derek Guthrie, Ruth Deyoung Kohler, Gerald Nordland

Steven Marcus, November 4, 1981
Lecture: “Literature and the City”

Conference: Architecture and the Public Realm: Who Cares?
November 19, 1981
with Kenneth Frampton, Robert Beckley, Wojciech Lesnikowski, Barton Myers, James Wines, Thomas Ewens, Anthony Catanese, Norman Gill, David Kahler, and Kevin O’Conner

Gerda Lerner, November 23, 1981
Lecture: “Women’s History: Woman’s Right: Implications for Public Policy”

Armin-Gerd Kuckhoff, December 1, 1981
Lecture: “Strategies of Modern Theater: Shakespeare and Brecht”

Rosmarie Waldrop, December 3, 1981
Lecture: “Translation: The Joy of the Demiurge”

William Washabaugh, December 8, 1981
Lecture: “Flat Action”

Herbert Blau, December 11, 1981
Informal Talk

Harry Rand, January 25, 1982
Lecture: “Gorky in Context”

Paul Bové, February 25, 1982

Frederick Turner, March 1, 1982
Colloquium on the Literary Quarterly

Sydney Lévy, March 4, 1982

Jane Gallop, March 19, 1982

Stephen Heath, March 26, 1982

Conference: Sexuality and the Public Realm, April 1-2, 1982
with Herbert Blau, Sandra Gilbert, Susan Gubar, Stephen Heath, Dick Hebdige, Mary Lydon. Discussants Jane Gallop, BIddy Martin, Eleanor Skoller, Elizabeth Spelman

Conference: German Avant-Garde Film: The Seventies, April 21-23, 1982
with Eric Rentschler, Miriam Hansen, Marc Silberman, Helke Sander, Judith Mayne, Kaja Silverman, Ruby Rich, Janet Bergstrom, Thomas Elsaesser, Timothy Corrigan, Roswitha Mueller, Bertrand Augst, Birgit Hein, Wilhelm Hein, Ulrike Ottinger, Helke Sander

Ralph Cohen, April 29, 1982


Richard Ohmann, September 14, 1982
Lecture: “On the Establishment of the Literary Canon”

Jean-Francis Lyotard, September 17, 1982
Seminar: “Towards a Philosophy of Phrases: Signs of History”

Grace Paley, October 5, 1982
Reading: Arrested at Pentagon

Edward W. Said, October 8, 1982
Seminar: “On Politics and Literary Criticism”

Julia Kristeva, November 2, 1982
Seminar: “On the Discourse of Love and Metaphor”

Conference: Cinema Histories, Cinema Practices II
November 9-12, 1982
with Diana Barrie, Manuel de Landa, Joanna Kiernan, Robert Nelson, Yvonne Rainer, Jackie Raynal, Michael Snow, Peter Wollen, Teresa de Lauretis, Mary Ann Doane, Stephen Heath, J. Hoberman, Peter Lehman, Scott MacDonald, Patricia Mellencamp, Christian Metz, Annette Michelson, David Rodowick, Phil Rosen, Kaja Silverman, and Michael Silverman

Fernando Arrabal, November 21-22, 1982
Screening: “Viva la Muerte”
Lecture: “El Nuevo Nuevo Teatro”

Jochen Schulte-Sasse, December 2, 1982
Seminar: “Theory of Modernism versus Theory of the Avant-garde”

Bernice Neugarten, February 1, 1983
Lecture: “The Aging Society: Social Policy Implications”

Maria Angélica Lopes Dean, February, 23, 1983
Lecture: “Cutting the Patriarchal Knot”

Robert Stam, February 24, 1983
Lecture: “On Brazilian Cinema”

Jane Bowers, March 11, 1983
Seminar: “A Cross-cultural Perspective on Women Musicians”

Paul Berliner, March 14, 1983
Lecture/Performance: “Fusion of African & American Music”

Perkins Foss, March 15, 1983
Lecture: “Afro-American Performance Art”

Lavinia Williams, March 17, 1983
Illustrated Talk: “Caribbean Dance”

Ko-Thi Dance Company and Lavinia Williams, March 17, 1983
Performance: “Caribbean Suite”

William W. Cook, March 18, 1983
Lecture: “Traditions of Afro-American Satire”

Ishmael ReedIshmael Reed, March 18 & 22, 1983
Open discussion

Robert Farris Thompson, March 20, 1983
Illustrated Talk: “Black Folk as Performance”

Ben Siegel, March 25, 1983
Lecture: “The American Writer in the University: Muse versus Lectern”

Richard Wollheim, March 25, 1983
Lecture: “On Living the Life of a Person”

Teresa de Lauretis, March 28, 1983
Seminar: “Women and Theory”

Patrick McNaughton, April 13, 1983
Lecture: “Growing Old is Growing Ripe: Aging in Traditional African Society”

Diana Hume George, April 20, 1983
Seminar: “Feminism and Psychoanalysis”

Conference: Aging and the Imagination: Perspectives from Literature and Psychology
April 20-22, 1983
with James Hillman, Herbert Blau, Leslie Fiedler, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, John P. Muller, Martin Berezin, Robert Boyers, David L. Gutmann, Geoffrey Hartman, Norman N. Holland, Diana Hume George, Mark Krupnick, Mary Lydon, Murray M. Schwartz, and Kathleen Woodward

Tania Modleski, April 29, 1983
Seminar: “Women and Film Melodrama”

Klaus Theweleit, May 3, 1983
Lecture: “History and Experience”

Mary Russo, May 6, 1983
Seminar: “Feminism and Ideology”


Jack Zipes, September 21, 1983
Lecture: “The Trials and Tribulations of Little Red Riding Hood: Versions of the Tale in Sociocultural Context”

Lutz Röhrich, September 29, 1983
Lecture: “fairy tales & mass culture”

Jörn Rüsen, October 3, 1983
Lecture: “Types of Historical Narration: Problems of Historiography”

Amy Clampitt, October 4, 1983
Reading and Open Discussion

John Brenkman, October 12, 1983
Seminar: “On Aesthetics and Mass Culture”

William Dickey, October 18, 1983
Reading and Open Discussion

Lucette Finas, October 25, 1983
Seminar: “Les Choses Vues de Victor Hugo” (in French)

Jean Baudrillard, October 29, 1983
Lecture: “On the Masses and the Mass Media” (in French)

Anthony Wilden and Rhonda Hammer, November 2, 1983
Selective Video History: “The Chorus Line”

Anthony Wilden, November 3, 1983
Seminar: “The Body as the Discourse of the Other”

Gerald Graff, November 17, 1983
Lecture: “Ideology and Literary Criticism”

Daniel Charles, November 29, 1983
Lecture: “Music and Postmodernity”

Gertrud Koch, December 2, 1983
Lecture: “ex-Changing the gaze: female spectatorship”

Robert Stone, December 6, 1983
Reading and Open Discussion

Jean Franco, December 7-8, 1983
Seminar: “Popular and Mass Culture: The Metropolis and Latin America”
Lecture: “Contemporary Latin American Fiction: A Feminist Reading”

Forum: The Fate of Pleasure, December 29, 1983
with Kathleen Woodward, Leo Bersani, Christopher Butler, Jane Gallop, Ihab Hassan, Richard Poirier, Murray Schwartz, Cynthia Chase, Mary Lydon, Evan Watkins, Matei Calinescu, Gerhard Hoffmann, and Tania Modleski

Jan Kott, January 26, 1984
Lecture: “Marlow’s Dr. Faustus; or, the Transgression”

David Thorburn, February 13, 1984
Lecture: “The Network Era: The Historical Development of Commercial Television”

Herbert Blau, February 23, 1984
Lecture: “The American Dream in American Gothic: The Plays of Sam Shepard and Adrienne Kennedy”

Bernard Gendron, February 24, 1984
Lecture: “Deciphering the Rock N’ Roll Record: Sex and Race in ‘Whole Lotta Shakin'”

Richard Schechner, March 2, 1984
Lecture: “On Richard III: Configurations and Disfigurations”

Ben Siegel, March 23, 1984
Lecture: “Creative Writing in the Classroom: Teachers and Practitioners”

Eric Bentley, March 29, 1984
Lecture: “The Idea of Avantgarde, 19th and 20th Centuries”

Rodolfo Cortina, April 2, 1984
Lecture: “Latin American Folklore and Mass Culture”

Robert Corrigan, April 5, 1984
Lecture: “The Search for New Endings”

Marc Chenetier, April 6, 1984
Colloquium: “What We Talk About When We Talk About Contemporary American Fiction: A View from Abroad”

Conference: on LACAN: A One-day Conference Devoted to the work of French Thinker Jacques Lacan, April 13, 1984
with Ellie Ragland-Sullivan, Stuart Schneiderman, Jane Gallop, Carolyn Asp, John Muller, and Kathleen Woodward

Russell Merritt, April 18, 1984
Lecture: “Rock ‘n Roll at the Movies”

Stuart HallStuart Hall, April 18, 1984
Open Seminar

International Conference: Mass Culture, April 25-27, 1984
with James Cronin, Lynn Mally, Stuart Hall, Frederick Wiseman, David Kunzle, Andreas Huyssen, Tania Modleski, Judith Williamson, Jane Feuer, Patricia Mellencamp, Margaret Morse, John Pauly, Bernard Gendron, Larry Grossberg, Stephen Heath, Rodolfo Cortina, Judith Mayne, and Jack Stipes

Frederick Wiseman, April 25, 1984
Screening and Discussion: “Model”

Jack Zipes, May 2, 1984
Lecture: “Fairy Tales in the Age of Commodified Fantasticism”

Josef Škvorecký, May 19, 1984


Theme: Feminist Studies: Reconstruction of Knowledge

Murray Krieger, September 9, 1984
Lecture: “Literary Invention and the Impulse to Theoretical Change”

Andrej Zdravic, September 27, 1984

Günter H. Lenz, October 8, 1984
Lecture: “Tradition, Discontinuity and Counter-Discourse: American Radical Cultural Criticism Since the 1960s”

jacques aumont, October 12, 1984
Lecture: “VISUALIZATIONS: Film and the Image of the City”

W.J.T. Mitchell, October 24, 1984
Lecture: “Marx and Modern Iconoclasm”

Martin Schwab, October 31, 1984
Lecture: “How to Make Things Talk: A Semiotic Perspective on Use and Exchange Value in Marx’s Capital”

Peter Sloterdijk, November 13, 1984
Lecture: “Critique of Cynical Reason: A Philosophical Diagnosis of the Times”

Arthur Danto, November 15, 1984
Lecture: “The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art”

Lawrence FerlinghettiLawrence Ferlinghetti, November 27, 1984
Reading and Open Discussion

Gabriele Schwab, February 5, 1985
Lecture: “History and Intertextuality in Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow”

Ihab Hassan, February 13, 1985
Lecture: “Making Sense: The Crisis of Meaning in Postmodern Discourse”

William KittredgeWilliam Kittredge, February 19-21, 1985
Reading; Screening of Heartland; Open Discussion

Mary Poovey, February 26, 1985
Seminar: Scenes of an Indelicate Character: Medical Representation of Victorian Women”

Frank Lentricchia, March 21, 1985
Colloquim: “On the Critic and Social Change”

Writers-in-Residence Program: Writers of the Third Coast: Reading and Discussing Their Craft, March 26-27, 1985
Ted Kooser, Eve Shelnutt, Robert Watt

Conference: After Positivism: Objectivity in the Natural & Social Sciences, April 2, 1985
with Michael Friedman, Geoffrey Joseph, Daniel Hausman, and Robert Scwartz
Organized by John Koethe

John Naughton, April 8, 1985
Lecture: “The Writing of Paintings: Contemporary French Poet Yves Bonnefoy on the Visual Arts”

James A. Boon, April 11, 1985
Lecture: “Coping Across Cultures: A Critique”

Sidney Morgenbesser, April 15, 1985
Lecture: “Ideology & the Novel: Some Preliminary Distinctions”

Donna T. Haraway, April 16, 1985
Lecture: “The Politics of Being Female: Women’s Place is in the Jungle”

Conference: Feminist Studies: Reconstituting Knowledge, April 24-26, 1985
with Teresa de Lauretis, Elaine Marks, Kathleen Woodward, Evelyn T. Beck, Jessica Benjamin, Ruth Bleier, Linda Gordon, Andreas Huyssen, Evelyn Fox Keller, Biddy Martin, Sheila Radford-Hill, Cecilia Ridgeway, Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, Gayatri Spivak, Angelika Bammer, Herbert Blau, John Brenkman, Suzanne Clark, Patricia Mellencamp, Nancy K. Miller, Tania Modleski, Sondra O’Neale, Mary Russo, Barbara Smith, Kathleen Hulley, Judith Mayne, and Jane Gallop


Theme: Rewriting Modernism

Alice Jardine, September 10-11, 1985
Research Seminar: “in the name of the modern: feminist questions d’après gynesis”
Open Discussion

Rolando Hinojosa, September 13, 1985
Open Discussion

Ben Brewster, September 20, 1985
Lecture: “Deep Staging in Early Cinema”

Martin Jay, October 1-2, 1985
Seminar: “Modernism, Post-modernism and the Denigration of Vision in Twentieth-century French Thought”
Open Discussion

Norman HollandNorman Holland, October 30, 1985
Lecture: “I-ing Critics”

Mícheál Ó Siadhail, November 7, 1985

Rosalind Krauss, November 12-13, 1985
Seminar: “Postmodernism, Poststructuralism, and the Model of Blindness”
Open Discussion

T.J. Clark, November 19-20, 1985
Seminar: “Myth and Modernism”
Open Discussion

C. K. Williams and John Koethe, November 22, 1985
Poetry Reading

Kenneth Frampton, December 3-4, 1985
Open Discussion

Richard Selzer, January 23, 1986
Open Discussion

Gabriele Schwab, January 31, 1986
Informal Seminar: “The Insistence of the Subject in Postmodernism”

Mantei Calinescu, February 3, 1986
Lecture: “Modernism: The East European Connection”

Neda Al-Hilali, February 7, 1986
Lecture: “Fiber/Art: Ancient or Avant-Garde?”

Kristin Thompson, February 11, 1986
Seminar: “The Soviet Montage Film Movement of the 1920s in its Institutional Context”

Andreas Huyssen, February 14, 1986
Informal Seminar: “The Desire to be Obsolete: Bloch, Ungleischzeitigkeit, and Postmodernism”

Lisel Mueller, February 17, 1986

Alfred Appel, Jr., February 18, 1986
Lecture: “American Images of War: National Purpose and Open Expression”

Lisel Mueller, February 20, 1986
Open Discussion

Walter Benn Michaels, February 24, 1986
Lecture: “Against Theory 2: Speech Act Theory, Hermeneutics and Deconstruction”

Jeffrey Hayes, February 28, 1986
Informal Seminar: “Rewriting Early Modernism in America: The Stephan Bourgeois Group”

Fredric Jameson, March 4, 1986
Seminar: “The Modernity of Potemkin”

Kelly Cherry, March 4, 1986

Fredric Jameson, March 5, 1986
Open Discussion

Hans Robert Jauss, March 6, 1986
Seminar: “The Ideal Dialogue”

Nancy Holt, March 6, 1986
Lecture: “Art and the Public Sphere”

Renate Lachmann, March 18-19, 1986
Seminar: “On Bakhtin”
Open Discussion

Bernard Gendron, March 21, 1986
Informal Seminar: “Dada in the Jazz Age: Popular Music and the Avant-Garde”

Ackbar Abbas, March 24, 1986
Lecture: “Collecting Texts: The Experience of Modernity”

Blair Drawson, March 27, 1986
Lecture: “Passion and Paradox”

Miriam Gusevich, April 11, 1986
Informal Seminar: “Purity and Transgression: Reflections on the Architectural Avant-Garde and the Problem of Kitsch”

Jean-Francois LyotardJean-Francois Lyotard, April 15-16, 1986
Seminar: “Rewriting Modernism”
Open Discussion

Ron Wallace, April 17, 1986

Vicky Unruh, April 18, 1986
Informal Seminar: “Early Words/Early Worlds: Linguistic Primitivism in the Latin Ameican Avant-Gardes”

International Conference: The Modern Text and the Experience of Modernity: Revisions of German and Austrian Modernism
April 23-25, 1986
with Kathleen Woodward, Andreas Huyssen, Mark Anderson, Herbert Blau, Russell A. Berman, Jack Zipes, Jochen Schulte-Sasse, Martin Schwab, David Bathrick, Henry Schmidt, Biddy Martin, Roswitha Mueller, James Steakley, Mark Krupnick, Klaus Berghahn, Miriam Gusevich, Klaus Scherpe, Peter U. Hohendahl, Ingo Seidler, Judith Ryan, Gabriele Schwab, Giovanna Borradori, Christopher Butler, and Anselm Haverkamp

Evelyn Zepp, May 2, 1986
Informal Seminar: “On Negativity”

Giovanna Borradori, May 8, 1986
Lecture: “‘WEAK THOUGHT’ and the AESTHETICS OF QUATATIONISM: on the Italian contemporary philosophical debate”


Theme: Critical Appraisals of Continental Thought

Ackbar Abbas, September 9, 1986
Lecture: “Between the Lines: Walter Benjamin’s Demon”

Conference: Interfaces of Culture: The West and Its Others
September 19, 1986
with Ihab Hassan, Ackbar Abbas, Kaiser M. H. Haq, Iwao Iwamoto, Sheila Roberts, Pramod Menon, Shelia Bastian, Ashraf Jamal, and Mary Layoun

Cheryl Kader, September 25, 1986
Colloquium: “Modes of Address: ENTRE NOUS and DESERT HEARTS”

Judith Butler, September 30, 1986
Lecture: “Foucault and the Question of Sexual Difference”

Ulrike Ottinger, October 3, 1986
Film Screening: China, the Arts, and Everyday Life

Mary Catanazaro, October 9, 1986
Colloquium: “Monologue, Fast Forward/Re-wind and da capo: The Voice of Absent Love in Beckett’s Couples”

John Frow, October 14, 1986
Lecture: “Accounting for Tastes: Pierre Bourdieu and the Sociology of Culture”

Klaus Poenicke, October 20, 1986
Lecture: “Body, Violence, Text: The Hazards of an Ecological Hermeneutic”

Cynthia Wong, October 23, 1986
Colloquium: “On the False Track in Robbe-Grillet’s In the Labyrinth”

Ned Lukacher, October 28, 1986
Lecture: “The Role of Mood in Heidegger and in Contemporary Critical Thought”

Albrecht Wellmer, November 4, 1986
Lecture: “Language and Intersubjectivity”

Ashraf Jamal, November 6, 1986
Colloquium: “The Interval Between Stops: A Discourse on Travel”

Ulrike Ottinger, November 10, 1986
Film Screening: The Image of Dorian Gray

Kathleen Woodward, November 12, 1986
Lecture: “The Look and the Gaze: Narcissism, Aggression, and Aging”

Jaye Berman, November 13, 1986
Colloquium: “Parody as Cultural Criticism in the Postmodern American Novel”

Susan Stewart, November 18, 1986
Lecture: “The Senses and the Abstract”

Vincent Descombes, December 2-3, 1986
Lecture: “Remarks on the Novel as a Modern Genre”
Open Discussion

Christopher Butler, January 20, 1987
Lecture: “Interpretation, Deconstruction, and Ideology”

A. K. Ramanujan, January 28, 1987
Lecture: “Is There an Indian Way of Thinking?”

Thomas McCarthy, February 3-4, 1987
Lecture: “Critical Theory and the Sociology of Knowledge: On the Question of Relavitism”
Open Discussion

Marcus Bullock, February 20, 1987
Research Seminar: “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon”

Nancy Fraser, February 25, 1987
Lecture: “Social Criticism Without Philosophy: An Encounter Between Feminism and Postmodernism”

Giovanna Borradori, March 2, 1987
Lecture: “Beating the System: Habermas, Lyotard, and Systems Theory”

Fabrizio Mondadori, March 6, 1987
Research Seminar: “Leibniz in Husserl’s Cartesian Meditations”

Kaiser Haq, March 13, 1987
Research Seminar: “Introducing Frederic Manning (1882-1935)

Anthony Giddens, March 17, 1987
Lecture: “Structuralism, Post-structuralism, and the Production of Culture”

Eva Meyer, March 25, 1987
Lecture: “Letters or the Autobiography of Writing”

Malashri Lal, March 31, 1987
Lecture: “The Sociology of Feminism: The Contemporary Indian-English Novel”

Robert McPhee, April 3, 1987
Research Seminar: “Critical Theory and Organizational Structure”

Jean-Luc Nancy, April 7-8, 1987
Lecture: “Shattered Love: Thinking of Love Today”
Open Discussion

Margaret Duncan, April 10, 1987
Research Seminar: “The Problem of Play”

Tom Moylan, April 24, 1987
Research Seminar: “Mission Impossible: Liberation Theology and Utopian Praxis”

Dominick Lacapra, April 28, 1987
Lecture: “Intellectual History and Critical Theory”

Robert Lauer, May 1, 1987
Research Seminar: “Hegel’s and Schopenhauer’s Reflections on the Tragic in Calderón”


Theme: Television Studies

Seminar: Exaggerated Modern Life/TV–Japan, September 11, 1987
Organized by Great Lakes Film & Video

John Carlos Rowe, Andrew Martin, and Susan Jeffords,
September 18, 1987
Lectures on television and Vietnam

Patricia Mellencamp, David Marc, and Mimi White, October 9, 1987
Lectures on television and genre

Pamela Falkenberg, Lynn Spigel, and Sandy Flitterman-Lewis
October 30, 1987
Lectures on television time/television space

Meaghan Morris, November 13, 1987
Lecture: “Banality in Cultural Studies”

Robert C. Allen, Robert Deming, and Eileen Meehan, November 20, 1987
Lectures on the television audience

Patrice Petro, Julie D’Acci, Don Le Duc, and Dwight Teeter, December 4, 1987
Lectures on television and the law

John Caughie and Roswitha Mueller, February 5, 1988
Lectures on international television

James Collins, Maureen Turim, and Chris Straayer, March 4, 1988
Lectures on television and postmodernism

Barry Brummett, Arthur Seeger, and Peter Madsen, March 25, 1988
Lectures on television and media criticism

Conference: Representations of Otherness: Cultural Hermeneutics, East and West
April 1-2, 1988
with Kathleen Woodward, William Halloran, Ihab Hassan, George Marcus, Masao Miyoshi, Wlad Godzich, R. Radhakrishnan, Malashri Lal, Han-liang Chang, Anthony Yu, Iwao Iwamoto, Norma Field, A. N. Kaul, Gabriele Schwab

Conference: Television: Representation/Audience/Industry,  April 13-15, 1988
with Michèle Mattelart, John Caughie, Patrice Petro, Margaret Morse, Stephen Heath, Lidia Curti, Mary Ann Doane, Patricia Mellencamp, Jane Feuer, John Hartley, James Collins, Lynn Spigel, Andrew Tolson, Andrew Ross, Mimi White, Pamela Falkenberg, James Schwoch, Simon Frith, William Boddy, Douglas Gomery, Judith Barry, Ondina Fachel Leal, Robert Deming, John Fiske, and H.U. Gumbrecht

Rick Altman, Andrew Tolson, and James Schwoch, April 29, 1987
Lectures on television and talk


Theme: Cultural Criticism

Gregory Jay, Paul Bové, and Vincent Leitch, September 16, 1988
Symposium: “Re-reading Cultural Criticism in America”

Regis Durand, September 23, 1988
Seminar: “On Photography: le regard pensif”

Houston A. Baker, Jr., October 12, 1988
Lecture: “Conjure and the Space of Black Women’s Writing: Zora Neale Hurston’s Mule and Men”

John Brenkman, Lynn Worsham, Paul Jay, Herbert Blau, and Barry Brummett, November 11, 1988
Seminar: “A Seminar on Kenneth Burke”

Sohnya Sayres and Gregory S. Jay, December 2, 1988
Seminar: “Re-reading the New York Intellectuals: Sontag and Trilling”

Jane Gallop, February 3, 1989
Lecture: “American Feminist Literary Criticism: 1972”

Michael P. Hamburger, February 27, 1989
Lecture, “Contemporary Theater in the GDR and the Federal Republic of Germany”

David Noble, Reginald Horsman, and Russell Reising, March 3, 1989
Seminar: “History Writing as Cultural Criticism”

Michael Denning, and Andrew Martin, March 31, 1989
Seminar: “Disciplining American Studies”

Marc Pachter, April 7, 1989
Lecture: “American Cosmopolitanism, 1870-1914”

Conference: Reconstructing Cultural Criticism in America: Intellectuals/Discourses/Institutions, April 19-21
with Sandra Adell, Michael Awkward, Anne Balsamo, Lois W. Banner, Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, Ellen E. Berry, Hans Bertens, Juan Bruce-Novoa, Marcus Bullock, Joan Burbick, Peter Carafiol, James Clifford, Maurice Couturier, Santiago Daydi-Tolson, Winfried Fluck, Barbara Foley, Karl Gartung, Gerhard Hoffmann, Alfred Hornung, Gordon N. Hunter, Gregory Jay, Paul Jay, Cheryl Johnson, Lemuel A. Johnson, Lynne Joyrich, Mark Krupnick, Rüdiger Kunow, Hank Lazer, Steven Mailloux, Andrew Martin, Meaghan Morris, Karen Lee Osbourne, Donald Pease, Ross Posnock, Paula Rabinowitz, Russell Reising, Michael Rogin, Rolando J. Romero, Andrew Ross, José David Saldívar, James Sappenfield, Thomas H. Schaub, Ron Sillman, Margaret Soltan, Henry Sussman, Campbell Tatham, Carol Tennessen, Stanley Tigerman, Alan M. Wald, Kathleen Woodward, and Thomas Yingling

Stanley Tigerman, April 20, 1989
Lecture: “Architectural Problems: Stasis, Otherness, Mimesis, Synthesis”

Meaghan Morris, May 5, 1989
Lecture: “Migrant Westerns: Max and the Sublime”

Bernard Vincent, July 12, 1989
Lecture: “Thomas Paine and the French Revolution”


Theme: Discourses of the Emotions

Nancy Armstrong, September 22, 1989
Lecture: “On the Origins of Personal Life”

Ian Hacking, October 5, 1989
Lecture: “Disunity of Science”

Trinh T. Minh-haTrinh T. Minh-ha, October 27, 1989
Lecture: “Surname Viet Given Name Nam”

Page duBois, November 3, 1989
Lecture: “Philosophic Apathy”

Sandra Bartky, November 17, 1989
Presentation: “Shame and Gender: Contribution to a Phenomenology of Oppression”
Ronald de Sousa
Presentation: “Learning Emotions”

Arthur Kroker and Marilouise Kroker, December 1, 1989
Lecture: “The Male Hysteric”

Iwao IwaomotoIwao Iwamoto, December 8, 1989
Lecture: “Numbed Emotions: One Postmodern Characteristic of Japanese and American Fiction”

Renato Rosaldo, February 2, 1990
Lecture: “Public Feeling, Public Conflicts: A Politics of Difference and Belonging”

Seminar: Theatricalizing Emotions
February 16, 1990
with Joseph Roach , Elin Diamond, Anthony Kubiak
Roundtable Discussion with Gunther Klotz and Phillip Zarrilli

Janis Jenkins, March 2, 1990
Lecture: “ ‘My Nerves are Broken’: The State Construction of Emotion Among Salvadoran Women Refugees”

Nancy Fraser, March 23, 1990
Lecture: “The Concept of the Public Sphere: Toward a Socialist Feminist Reconstruction”

Research Seminar, April 6, 1990
with Allan Sekula
Lecture: “Grief and the Geography of Post-Fordism”
Leslie Bellavance
Lecture: “Touching and Being Touched”
with respondents: Cindy Crigler, Leslie Fedorchuk, and Steven Foster

Steve Fagin, April 16, 1990
Film Screening and discussion: The Machine That Killed Bad People

Conference: Discourses of the Emotions, April 19-21, 1990
with Herbert Blau, Mitchell Breitwieser, Marcus Bullock, Virginia Carmichael, Rey Chow, Ed Cohen, Valie Export, Jane Gallop, Marjorie Garber, Elizabeth Grosz, Gregory Jay, Lynne Joyrich, Gwynee Kennedy, Kathleen Kirby, Andrew Martin, Gloria Jean Masciarotte, Patricia Mellencamp, Michael Moon, Meaghan Morris, Patrice Petro, Robin Pickering-Iazzi, Thomas Piontek, Julia Schiesari, Gabriele Schwab, Murray Schwartz, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, Madelon Sprengnether, Susan Stewart, Carol Tennessen, Calvin Thomas, Kathleen Woodward, and Lynn Worsham

Susan Sontag, April 24, 1990
Lecture: “AIDS and its Metaphors”


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