1970s: Film, Performance, Language, and Technology


John Simon, September 23-24, 1971

John Cage, October 4-9, 1971
Public demonstrations

Nathan Scott, October 5, 1971
Lecture: “Criticism and the Religious Horizon”

John Gutman, November 8-10, 1971
Seminar: “Jesus Christ Superstar and Contemporary Opera”

Ernst Jandl, November 11, 1971
Lecture: “Concrete and Experimental Poetry”

Alfred Eisenstaedt, January 23-24, 1972
Slide presentation

Walter G Huen, January 25, 1972
Slideshow Presentation: “Seeing with Your Lens”

Anaïs Nin, January 26, 1972
Reading: “Diaries”

Jaroslav Pelikan, February 15, 1972
Lecture: “The City of Man and the City of God”

Jürgen Becker, March 1, 1972
Reading; Lecture: “Contemporary Trends”

Red Grooms, March 12-17, 1972
Artist in Residence

Conference: Transformation of the Novel March 22-24, 1972
with George Wickes, Germaine Brée, Ihab Hassan, Célia Bertin, Warren Fine, Charles Newman, Kathleen Bukey, James Roth, and Charles Caramello. Coordinated by Charles Russell

José Greco, March 27, 1972
Dance demonstration
Lecture on Spanish and Flamenco culture

Alessandra Comini, April 13-14, 1972
Slide presentations

Ronald Sukenick, April 24, 1972

Manfred Nahmmacher and Walter Huen, April 25-27, 1972
Lecture Series: “Leitz 3-Day lecture Series in Microscopy and Photography”

Umberto Eco, May 22, 1972

Conference: Creating Awareness through Poetry, August 24, 1972
with Bruce Cutler, Dolores Kendrick, and May Miller

Ron Herron and Dennis Crompton, date unknown
Lectures, seminars and workshops


Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Alienation August 2, 1972

Seminar: Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Alienation, August 8, 1972
with Michael Novak, Roger D. Abrahams, and Roger L. Welsh

Sheila Tobia, September 7, 1972
Program on Women’s Studies

June Wayne, Barbara Loden, Erika Munk, Kathy Posin, and Adrienne Rich, October 23-29, 1972
Program: “Women in the Arts”

Emile De Antonio, November 13, 1972
Film screening: “Painters Painting”

John Cullinan, November 30, 1972
Seminar: “Anthony Burgess: Beyond A Clockwork Orange”

Anthony Burgess, December 1972
Readings from Finnegan’s Wake and his own works

Robert Gilka, January 29, 1973
Slide Presentation: “Why We Look at Pictures”

Flip Schulke, February 2, 1973
Film Screening: “Man in the Sea-Tektite II”
Slide Presentation: “From National Geographic to Playboy”

Margaret Mead, February 14, 1973
Lecture: “Thoughts on Ethnicity”

Ernst Wilde, February 20, 1973
Program: “Successful Small Camera Photography and Making Pictures a Little Different”

Eliot Elisofon, March 6-8, 1973
Lecture: “Wild Life Photography”
Film Screening: “Africa’s Gift”
Lecture: “The Future of Photography”

Howard Fast, March 12-13, 1972
Lecture on writing, filmaking and history

José Greco, March 13, 1973

Conference: Generating Interest in Humanities Studies: A Counter-Attack on Social Alienation, March 16-17, 1973
with Henry Steele Commanger, Nat Hentoff, Dolores Kendrick, Mina Shaughnessy, Ellen Jane Stekert, and John F. Szwed

Conference: Popular Culture, March 19-22, 1973
with Ray B. Browne, Russel B. Nye, John Cawelti, and Ihab Hassan

Moshe Lazar, March 36, 1973
Lecture: “Israel’s Cultural Explosion – 25 Years After Independence”

Walter Höllerer, March 27, 1973
Discussion: “Die Aesthetik von Walter Benjamin”

Donald Detwiler, March 28, 1973
Lecture: “Three Ways of Death: The Suicides of Von Kluge, Rommel and Hitler”

François Dallegret and Lee Sackett, April 3-6, 1973
Four day program discussing and planning a world memorial

Alfred Kazin, April 4, 1973
Lecture: “In Praise of the Diaspora – Jewish Writers in America, Europe and Israel”

Ed Emshwiller, April 5, 1973
Public screening and discussion: “Choice Chance Woman Dance”; “Carol”; and “Relativity”

Symposium: The Imaginary City, April 12-13, 1973
Paolo Soleri, Françoise Choay, Louis Marin, and Fredric Jameson

Jack R. Pole, April 16, 1973
Lecture: “Bicentennial Views on Equality in the American Revolution”

Elizabeth Hardwick, May 7, 1973
Lecture: “Saints and Sinners: Thoughts on Literary Women”

Conference: Perspectives on Criminal Justice, May 31, 1973


An Evening with the Editors of Popular Photography, October 15, 1973
with Charles Reynolds and Edward Meyers
co-sponsored with UWM Photographic Services

Conference: Imagine Dead Imagine: The Self-Reflective Artwork in Contemporary Literature and Art, November 5, 1973
with Charles Russell, Jan van der Marck, Raymond Federman, Robert Scholes, Jerome Klinkowitz, Campbell Tatham, William H. Gass, Mel Bochner, Robert Morris, Ronald Sukenick, Gilber Sorrentino, Jack Burnham, Ihab Hassan, Mel Bochner, and Horst W. Janson

Jack Corn, January 20, 1974
Lecture: “Photographing People in their Culture”

A Week with French Women, February 10-14, 1974
Christiane Rochefort, Lecture, February 10
Photographic exhibit: “Women in France,” by Jean Beaulieu
Gloria Crenstein, February 11
Lecture: “Women Surrealists”
Idelette Weber, February 12
Program on continuing education for workers
Panel discusion, February 13
“Cross-cultural Views of Women in France and the United States”
Judith Mayne, February 14
Lecture on women in French films

Thomas Abercrombie, March 21-25, 1974
Studio visit

Symposium, International Symposium on Ethnopoetics, April 9-12, 1974

Paul Aschenbach, June 25-29, 1973
Sculpture: “The Copernicus Stones”


Theme: Ethnopoetics

Jerome Rothenberg, September 24, 1974
Reading from: “Poland/1931”; “Shaking the Pumpkin”; and “A Seneca Journal”

National Dance Company of SenegalNational Dance Company of Senegal, December 4, 1974

Jack Corn, January 20, 1975
Lecture: “Photographing People in Their Culture”

Thomas J. Abercrombie, March 24-27, 1975
Series of workshops and lectures

Early fellows meeting, date unknown


Theme: Film Theory

Conference, Public Taxing and the Humanities in Multi-Campus University Systems Conference, September 15, 1975
Speaker: Eugene Lee

Judith Mayne, September 12, 1975
Seminar: “Film and Ideology”

Thierry Kuntzel, September 19, 1975
Seminar: “Semiotics of Film”

Richard Schickel, October 2, 1975
Informal discussion

Maureen Turim, October 3, 1975
Discussion of the textual system of Bresson’s Au Hazard Balthazar

Thierry Kuntzel and Judith Mayne, October 10 and 31, 1975
Discussion of King Kong

Colloquium: Teaching Foreign Cultures Through Feature Films, October 16-18, 1975
with Robert Hammond

David Bordwell, October 24, 1975
Seminar and discussion of Dreyer’s Vampyr

Opening Program for the Friends of the Center, November 10, 1975
Michel Benamou, speaker: “Surrealism: Yesterday and Today”

International Symposium on Film Theory and Practical Criticism
November 19-22, 1975
with Raymond Bellour, David Bordwell, Noel Carroll, Tony Conrad, Stephen Heath, Brian Henderson, Fredric Jameson, Jerzy Kozinski, Thierry Kuntzel, Standish Lawder, Julia Lesage, Gerald Mast, Patricia Mellencamp, Russell Merritt, Annette Michelson, Bruce Morrissette, Geoffrey Nowell-Smith, Gerold O’Grady, Yvonne Rainer, Robert Scholes, Alan Williams

Alain Robbe-Grillet, November 21, 1975
Screening, Eden and After

Penelope Gilliatt, November 22, 1975
Lecture, “Writing for Speaking”

Estella Lauter, December 5, 1975

Werner Nekes and Dore O, December 7-9, 1975
Three day visit: German Experimental Film

Thierry Kuntzel, December 8, 1975
Lecture: “Whatever Happens Between the Pictures?”
with Werner Nekes and Dore O

Eugene Smith and Aileen Smith, January 26-27, 1976
Lectures, informal session, Channel 10 taping, class visits

Lawrence Chenoweth, January 28, 1976
Lecture: “National Ideals and the Shaping of Modern Life:
The American Dream of Success”

Sonia Sheridn, February 2, 1976
Lecture: “Generative Fabrics”

Ed Emshwiller, February 5, 1976Ed Emshwiller
Lecture: “Paint, Film, Video”

Fred R. Parker, February 9, 1976
Lecture: “The Photographic Image – An Overview”

Stefan Morawski, February 13, 1976
Lecture: “Polish Film Theory”

Marion Palfi, February 16, 1976
Lecture: “Ask Me If I Got Justice”

Jerome Rothenberg and Harris Lenowitz, February 19, 1976
Reading: “A Big Jewish Book in Progress”

Emmet Gowin, February 23, 1976
Lecture: “The Photographic Image – A Personal View”

French Film Festival, February 27 – March 1, 1976

Michel Benamou, Heiner Müeller, Robert Corrigan, Ariane Mnouchkine, March 1, 1976
Screening and panel discussion: 1789

Heiner Müeller, March 5, 1976
Scenes from plays and discussion

Haig Khatchdourian, March 19, 1976
Lecture: “Toward a Philosophy of the Art Film”

National Conference on the Teaching of Film, March 24-28, 1976
with Dudley Andrew, William Arrowsmith, James Blu, Seymour Chatman, Stephen Heath, Thierry Kuntzel, Jay Ruby, Marsha Kinder, Michael Silverman, Paul Sharits, Donald Skoller, Douglas Gomery, Judith Mayne, Haig Khatchadourian, Stefan Morawski

Seymour Chatman, March 25, 1976
Lecture: “Toward a Theory of Narrative Structure”

Paul Schrader, March 27, 1976
Screening : Taxi Driver
Discussion with Stephen Heath: “Screen Writing and Screen Criticism”

Colloquium Panel on James Joyce, April 5, 1976
with Bernard Benstock, Sharon Benstock, Robert Boyle, Janet Dunleavy, David Hayman, Stephen Heath, Strother Purdy, and Florence Walzl
David Hayman, lecture: “Structures of the Wake”
David Higgins, non-stop reading of Finnegan’s Wake

Haig Khatchadourian, April 7, 1976
Lecture: “What is an Art Film?”

Judith Mayne, April 9, 1976
Lecture: “History and Memory in Hiroshima Mon Amour”

Luis Borges and Donald Yates, April 10, 1976
Symposium on Argentine Literature

David Lenfest and Diane Wakowski, April 12, 1976
Screenings and discussion: “An Evening of Film and Poetry”

John Cawelti, April 29, 1976
Lecture: “The Shapes of Contemporary Culture”

Ronald Gottesman, April 30, 1976
Lecture: “Touch of Evil: Who Killed Mrs.Quinlan?”

Douglas Gomery, April 30, 1976
Lecture: “Stylistic Analysis of My Darling Clementine”

Filmmaker and Screenings for the Friends of the Center


Theme: Performance Theories

Summer Seminar on Urban Ethnic Literature, July 24-31, 1976

Channel 10 Conference, August 26-27, 1976
“The Immigrant Experience”

Umberto Eco, September 10, 1976
Lecture: “Towards a Semiotics of Performance”

Open Seminar with Umberto Eco, September 11, 1976
Papers by Teresa de Lauretis; Walter Rewar; and Bill Washabaugh

Stephen Chennault, September 22, 1976
Voice reading in Black dialect

Justin Replogle, September 24, 1976
Lecture: “Intonation in Poetry”

John Wickham, October 5, 1976
Lecture: “The Background of Carribbean Literature”

Edmond Jabès, October 13, 1976
Lecture and discussion: “La Question du Livre”

Allan Kaprow, October 22, 1976
Lecture: “Some Examples of Non-theatrical Performance”

French Theatre Exhibit, November 15-26, 1976
500 photographs of designs and productions (1955-1975) of the Renaud Barrault Company

International Symposium on Post-Modern Performance, November 17-20, 1976
with Israel Horovitz, Carolee Schneemann, Dick Higgins, David Cole, Campbell Tatham, Daniel Charles, Ihab Hassan, John Cage, Jean Clair, Hubert Damisch, Allan Kaprow, Jean-François Lyotard, Jerome Rothenberg, Herbert Blau, Teresa de Lauretis, Walter Rewar, Richard Hughes, Richard Palmer, Wladimir Krysinski, Raymond Federman, Eugène Ionesco, Carol Duncan, Umberto Eco, and Jackson Mac Low

Jean-François Lyotard, November 19, 1976
Lecture: “The Unconscious as Mise-en-scene”

Eugène Ionesco, November 19, 1976
Lecture: “Why I Write”
Premiere of play: Man with Bags

Open Seminar with Jean-François Lyotard, December 4, 1976
Presentation by Maureen Turim
Paper by John Kirk

Carol Rubenstein, December 10, 1976
Readings from her translations of chants, songs, and epics of the Sarawak Dayaks of East Malaysia

Herbert Blau, January 21, 1977
Lecture: “Letting Be Be the Finale: The Future of an Illusion”

Open Seminar with Herbert Blau, January 22, 1977
Paper by Timothy Wiles

John E Varey, January 25, 1977
Lecture: “Popular Entertainments and the Dissemination of Romantic Themes: A New Approach to Spanish Romanticism”

International Conference on Film/Theory/Video, February 16-19, 1977

Verna Fields, February 17, 1977
Presentation and discussion

Newton and Helen Harrison, February 24-25, 1977
Readings from The House that Jack Built, followed by a slide presentation

Angelo Bertocci, March 24, 1977
Lecture on 19th Century romanticisms and the concepts of representation and imagination in literature and paintings

Ernst Haas, March 29-31, 1977
Open Class: “Techniques of Photojournalism”
Open Class: “Color Photography as a Fine Art”
Public lecture with slide presentation: “The Poetry of Color Photography”

Louis Marin, April 4, 1977
Lecture: “Pictorial Representation and the Ideology of Revolution”

Cornelius Castoriadis, April 6, 1977
Lecture: “Logic and Society – A Critique of Structuralism”

Laurie Anderson, April 7, 1977
Multi-media performance: “For Instants – Part 5”

John Fletcher, April 19, 1977
Lecture: “Ingmar Bergman: from film to television”

Victor Turner, April 21-22, 1977
Lecture: “Frame, Flow, and Reflection: Ritual and Drama as Public Liminality”
Colloquium with Victor Turner: “From Structure to Process: Some Reflections about Current Trends in Anthropology”

Meredith Monk, May 12, 1977
Slide presentation


Theme: Technology and the Humanities

Paul Robeson Film Festival, July 29, 1977
Screening of The Song of Freedom and Paul Robeson
with introduction and follow-up discussion by Harold D. Weaver, Jr.

Paul Robeson Film Festival, August 5, 1977
Screening of The Emperor Jones and a BBC interview with Robeson. Introduction and follow-up discussion by Harold D. Weaver, Jr.

Frank Zeidler, August 6, 1977
Lecture: “The Impact of Technology on Book Culture”

Michel Benamou, September 30, 1977
Research Seminar: “The Shape of American Technocriticism”

Samuel R. Delany, October 14, 1977
Screening: The Orchid

Walter Huen, October 31-November 1, 1977
Slide presentation: “The Small World of Photography”
Workshop: “Light Exposures & Meters”
Workshop: “Lenses and Their Functions”

Gayatri Spivak, November 10, 1977
Lecture: “Object Woman in Dante and Yeats”

International Symposium on Postindustrial Culture: Technology and the Public Sphere, November 17-19, 1977
with Michel Benamou, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Teresa de Lauretis, Darko Suvin, Daniel Charles, John Downey, Yehunda Yannay, James Carey, Eric J. Leed, Horace Newcomb, Helen Fehervary, Anson Rabinach, Raymond Merritt, Juergen Hoegl, J.C. Mathes, Anthony Wilden, Carroll Pursell, Janice Bogstad, Teresa Ebert, Patrick McNaughton, Ruth Kao, Jeanne Allen, Susan Noakes, Sheila Radford-Hill, Bernard Vincent, Andreas Huyssen, and Jack Zipes, Roy Behrens, Arnold Berleant, Jack Burnham, Frank Lutz, Charles Toman, Kathleen Woodward

Michel Sanouillet, November 22, 1977
Lecture: “Lecture de Marcel Duchamp”

Nancy Willis, November 30, 1977
Slide presentation: “The Gentle Art of Survival: Alternate Technologies”
A discussion of radical agriculture and bioshelters

Michel Benamou
Lecture: “The Shape of American Technocriticism”

Joseph Riddel, December 7, 1977
Lecture: “The ‘Crypt’ of Edgar Poe”

Samuel R. Delany, December 9, 1977
Lecture: “Science Fiction”

Samuel R. Delany, December 10, 1977
Lecture: “The Gentle Art of Survival: Alternate Technologies”
A discussion of post disaster survival techniques

Oskar Negt, February 2, March 9, April 6, May, and May 11, 1978
Research Seminar: “The Culture Industry”

David Antin, February 13, 1978
Lecture: “The Aesthetics of Technology and the Technological Impulse in Art”

International Film Conference IV: The Cinematic Apparatus: Technology as Historical and Ideological Form
February 22-24, 1978
with Michel Benamou, David Bordwell, Peter Wollen, Ron Burnett, Jeanne Allen, Stephen Heath, Jean-Louis Comolli, Kristin Thompson, Edward Branigan, Dudley Andrew, Claudia Gorbman, Douglas Gomery, Mary Ann Doane, Dana Gordon, Bill Nichols, Joe Anderson, Stephen Fagin, Aimee Rankin, Patricia Erens, Sandy Flitterman, Laura Mulvey, Patricia Mellencamp, Peter Gidal, Maureen Turim, Judith Mayne, Teresa de Laurentis, and Christian Metz

John Barth, March 9-10, 1978
Readings from his Mythological Comedies

Viviane Forrester, March 16, 1978
Lecture: “Madness, Masculine, Feminine: Virginia Woolf and Antonin Artaud”

Film Screening, April 12, 1978

Hugues de Kerret, April 13, 1978
Slide presentation on Mali

Batourou Sekou Kouyate, Diontan Tounkara, Nantenegwe Kamissoko, and Mori Kante, April 13, 1978
Performance: “The Gentle Art of Survival: Alternate Technologies”
An Evening of Mandinka Poetry and Song: Musicians from Mali

Patrick McNaughton, April 14, 1978
Lecture: “The Gentle Art of Survival: Alternate Technologies”
Discussion of Mali Bards and Blacksmiths

Jean Duvignaud, April 19, 1978
Screening: Remparts d’argile

John Hostetler, April 21, 1978
Screening: The Amish: A People of Preservation

Helen and Newton Harrison, April 27, 1978
Discussion: “Technology and the Great Lakes”

Haroldo de Campos, April 28, 1978
Lecture: “Theory and Practice of Concrete Poetry by the Noigandres Group”


Theme: New Alchemies of the World

Stanley Aronowitz, September 14, 1978
Lecture: “Some Versions of Displacement: Derrida, Lacan, Marxism”

Panel Discussion: Marxist Theory Now, September 15, 1978
with Stanley Aronowitz, John Brenkman and Andreas Huyssen

Mihajlo Mihajlov, October 5, 1978
Lecture: “The Emerging Religious Renaussance in Eastern Europe”

Robert IrwinRobert Irwin, October 11, 1978
Lecture: “Art and Technology: The Panacea that was Misidentified”

Seminar: Displacement and the Jewish Writer, October 18-20, 1978
with Alan Corré, Edmond Jabès, Sydney Lévy, Raymond Federman, Charles Caramello, and Jerome Rothenberg

John Montague, October 24, 1978
Lecture: “Samuel Beckett: A Reading and Personal Glimpses”

Alvin Lucier, October 26, 1978
Lecture: “Music of Signs in Space”

Bernard Gendron, October 28, 1977
Lecture: “Workers, Machinery, and the Fine Art of Exploitation”

David Herzberger, November 3, 1978
Lecture: “Theoretical Approaches to the Spanish New Novel:
Juan Benet and Juan Goytisolo”

Nam June PaikNam June Paik, November 6, 1978
Lectures: “You Can’t Lick Stamps in China” and
“Merce and Marcel”

Juan Goytisolo and Michael Ugarte, November 6-7, 1978
Seminars on Contemporary Culture: Juan Goytisolo
Lecture: “De la literature considera como una delicuencia” (“Of Literature Considered as Delinquency”) by Juan Goytisolo
Lecture: “Intertexuality in the Works of Juan Goytisolo” by Michael Ugarte
Seminar with Juan Goytisolo: “Techniques in my Fiction”

Clement GreenbergClement Greenberg, November 16, 1978
Lecture: “On Contemporary Art”

Michel Gresset, November 29, 1978
Lecture: “The Present State of French Criticism: The Example of Faulkner”

John T. Irwin, December 6, 1978
Lecture: “The Illusion of Depth: The Ending of Poe’s Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym”

Marie-Pierre de Montgomery, December 8, 1978
Presentation on the Plato IV Computer-based education system

Denis Donoghue, February 1, 1979
Lecture: “Words Under Stress”
Seminar: “One-Way Communication: Style as Compensation”

Gerald Graff, February 22, 1979
Lecture: “Why is Criticism Uncritical?”

Barbara Rosenblum, March 5, 1979
Lecture: “New Approaches to the Sociology of Art”

Rembert G. Weakland, March 5, 1979
Lecture: “Marx and the Bible in Latin America”

Stuart Ewen, March 7, 1979
Lecture: “The Bribe of Frankenstein: The Cultural Promise of Modern Communications Technology”

Gerhard Hoffmann, March 26, 1979
Colloquium: “Conceptions of Space, Situation, and Narrated Reality”

International Film Theory Conference V: Cinema and Language March 27-30, 1979
with Chantal Akerman, Marguerite Duras, Stephen Heath, Teresa de Lauretis, Annette Kuhn, James Benning, Bette Gordon, Raymond Bellour, Steve Fagin, Pat Mellencamp, Mary Lydon, Maureen Turim, Paul Willeman, Alan Williams, David Bordwell, Robert Cohen, Pamela Falkenberg, Don Kirihara, William Van Wert, Thomas Elsaesser, Don Skoller, Vivian Forresyer, Linda Williams, Dudley Andrew, Keith Cohen, Bruce Kawin, Laura Oswald Koenigsknechte, Miriam White, James Fleming, Phil Rosen, Sandy Flitterman, Jacquelyn Suter, Douglas Gomery, Babette Mangolte, Dick Blau, Mary Ann Doane, Noel Burch, Mark Nash, and Malcolm Le Grice

Seminars on Contemporary Culture: Psychoanalysis and Sexual Difference, April 2-4, 1979
with Shoshana Felman, Jane Gallop, John Brenkman, Francois Peraldi, Stephen Heath, April 2-4, 1979

Dean Conger, April 4, 1979
Visual presentation

Ray Green, April 6, 1979
Lecture: “An Introduction to Manuel Puig”

Gayatri Spivak, April 9, 1979
Lecture: “The Discourse of the Woman”

Terrance Des Pres, April 11, 1979
Lecture: “Speculations on Demonic Form, or, What Mistah Kurtz told Marlow to tell Conrad to tell Us, the Intended”

Stephen Heath, April 12, 1979
Lecture on Modernism and Language

A Panel Discussion Featuring Manuel Puig, April 12, 1979
with Luis Arata and Ray Green

Yury Nagibin, April 18, 1978
Lecture: “The Post-war Soviet Short Story”

Jose Miguel Oviedo, April 19, 1979
Lecture: “The Passion of Carlos Fuentes”

Carlos Fuentes, April 19, 1979
Reading: A Vision of Mexico (in progress)

Carlos Fuentes, April 20, 1979

Robert Duncan and Carl Rakosi, April 23, 1979
Seminar and Readings

Paul de Man, April 24, 1979
Lecture: “The Theory of Irony”

Lucien Stryk, April 26-27, 1979
Poetry Reading: Zen and the Eye of the Poet

Mark Costello, April 27, 1979
Reading: “Writing Fiction”

Marie Genevieve Ripeau, May 15, 1979
Lecture: “Adieu, Voyages Lents”


Thomas Banchoff, September 27-28, 1979
Lectures: The Fourth Dimension and the Life of the Mind

Jane Gallop, October 2 and 9, 1979
Informal Lectures: “The Father’s Seduction: A French Feminist Reading of Freud’s Theory of Female Sexuality”

Siegfried Zielinski, October 3, 1979
Two Presentations: “Holocaust in West Germany”

Patrick Duffy, October 19, 1979
Two Lectures: “The Problem of Northern Ireland: A British Perspective” and “NATO and the Future of Europe”

Rockwell Gray, October 22, 1979
Lecture: “Autobiography Now”

Robert Boyers, November 5, 1979
Lecture: “Confronting the Present:
The Travel Memoir as Political Statement”

Kurt Wolff, November 8, 1979
Lecture: “Surrender and Autobiography”

Symposium: The Autobiographical Mode: New Ideas of the Self, November 14-16, 1979
with Saul Bellow, Herbert Blau, J. M. Cameron, Paul de Man, Dorothy Dinnerstein, Ihab Hassan, Mark Krupnick, Barbara Myerhoff, Richard Poirier, Jane Gallop, Rockwell Gray, Barbara Johnson, Peggy Kamuf, Mary Lydon, George Morgan, Ann Barr Snitow, and Mary K. Wakeman

Mary Gerhart, January 28-29, 1980
Lecture: “The Question of Belief in Literary Criticism”

Jane Gallop, February 14, 1980
Lecture: “Of Phallic Proportions: Lacanian Conceit”

Naomi Goldenberg, February 15, 1980
Lecture: “Freud, Fathers, and the Judeo-Christian Tradition”

Stephen Heath, Andrew Feenberg, Marc Guillaume, Wolfgang Schivelbusch,
February 20-21, 1980
Lectures: “The Rhetorics of Technology”

Elizabeth Cullinan, March 3, 1980
Lecture: “The Perfect Problem”

Thomas Sebeok, March 5, 1980
Lecture: “Man-Animal Communication: Pitfalls and Opportunities”

Tim Mason, March 10, 1980
Lecture: “Women in Nazi Germany”

Gianni Vattimo, March 12-14, 1980
Two Lectures: “Nietzsche and the Waning of the Subject”; “The Crisis of Marxism in Italian Culture” and one seminar: “Hermeneutics and Analytic Philosophy”

International Film Theory Conference VI: Cinema and Film: Conditions of Presence, March 19, 1980
with Dudley Andrew, Mary Ann Doane, Larry Crawford, Phillip Rosen, Douglas Gomery, Sally Potter, Jane Weinstock, Joan Copjec, Herbert Blau, Robert Nelson, Michael Budd, Steven Fagin, Jane Feuer, Teresa de Lauretis, Claire Johnston, Linda Williams, Michelle Citron, Jean-Louis Schefer, Abraham Polonsky, Don Druker, Charles Affron, Strother Purdy, Jane Gaines, Claire Pajaczkowska, Ivan Ward, Anthony McCall, Andrew Tyndall, Jane Weinstock, Maria-Antoinietta Macciocchi, Stephen Heath, John Brenkman, and Shoshana Felma, Maureen Turim

Scott Greer, March 24, 1980
Lecture: “The Training and/or Evolution of Intellectuals”

Rockwell Gray, March 26, 1980
Lecture: “Time Present and Time Past: The Ground of Autobiography”

Jack Zipes, April 14, 1980
Lecture: “German-Jewish Intellectuals and the Holocaust”

Symposium: Religion after Freud and Jung, April 15-16, 1980
with James Hillman, J. Giles Milhaven, David Miller, Wendy Doniger O’Flaherty, William Richardson, Antoince Vergote, Peter Homans, Stanley Hopper, David Kolb, Sebastian Moore, John Muller, and Judith Van Herik

Robert Bly, April 21, 1980
Lecture: “Three Life Stories That We Live”

Mark Krupnick, April 21, 1980
Lecture: “Intellectual Styles: Literature and Social History”

Charlotte Delbo, April 24, 1980
Lecture: “French Theatre Today”

Tim O’Brien, May 5, 1980
Lecture: “Writing a War Memoir”


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